INTERSERVER REVIEW: Still The Best Hosting For Medium to Small Businesses

INTERSERVER REVIEW: Still The Best Hosting For Medium to Small Businesses

InterServer is a cost-effective web hosting service provider that focuses on high-quality client service on various networks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can find a range of hosting options with InterServer, including common plans, VPS and dedicated plans, and even colocation services if your physical infrastructure is preferable. All plans of InterServer come with a wide range of features that make your website simple to build and maintain and an online presence.


InterServer was founded in 1999 at Secaucus, a New Jersey-based company. InterServer initially concentrated on the resale of web hosting plans. Although this still forms a small part of their business, they have since become increasingly dependent on web hosting.

Their consumers range from sole owners and small businesses to Fortune 500. Today, InterServer does all the things about its own hosting company, including building its servers, creating its national optical network (yes, digging dirt and laying the lines themselves), and customizing its Linux kernels.

They use high-quality hardware to ensure optimum efficiency and uptime, regardless of which web hosting plan you select. They pride themselves on their redundancy and unusable services.


InterServer operates four datacenters to sustain a high current client load, three in New Jersey and one in California.


They have highly protected installations with biometric entry points, backup power, and HVAC units, and elevated floors to protect servers in the event of water damage.

Such features allow InterServer to guarantee uptime of 99.9 percent and uptime of 100 percent.

The datacenters have experts and security guards on a regular basis, 365 days a year.


InterServer is proud of its outstanding customer service and one way to ensure that this is done is by enforcing a regular registration cap.

In general, the company limits regular subscriptions to 100. The restriction is that the business should satisfy current customers and potential users’ requirements. Take this into account if you manage the start of a project and choose to use InterServer.

9 Hosting Plans Forms

InterServer offers, as a full-service web hosting provider, the following types of web hosting:

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Two of Interserver’s most common hosting styles are cloud hosting and VPS hosting. Below we’ll look at what each hosting style means to your business.


VPS Hosting is one of today’s most common hosting solutions. Interserver, Bluehost, and other leading hosting companies make it available to customers.

What is hosting VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting takes place when a large server is split into a number of smaller virtual servers, each of which operates independently.

It might sound like shared hosting but you have a variety of tools dedicated to your needs with VPS Hosting.


Cloud hosting is a good option for small companies that can quickly scale up. This can be attributed to planned rapid growth or unexpected major traffic spikes resulting from your marketing campaigns.

What is hosting – Cloud?

Cloud hosting means, instead of on a single shared or dedicated server, that information is stored in a variety of web servers ‘in the cloud.’


InterServer provides five web hosting packages for various resellers. The biggest difference between the packages is how much storage space is allocated and how much bandwidth you and your affiliates can use.

Choose Your Interests CHOOSE

No matter which kit you pick, you get web host managers, unlimited areas, one-click scripts, and MySQL databases running on solid-state drives.

You can quickly set up your account, and InterServer manages every day backups for you.


You can choose from three choices if you choose a simple, shared hosting package. Both of them provide unrestricted storage, transmission, and e-mail. The regular and WordPress plans are both supported with free SSL certificates.

Standard: This plan will probably meet your needs if you are just starting or if the traffic is light.
Windows/ASP.NET: The Windows Plan is identical to the Regular Plan, but Microsoft products are run by the server rather than open-source/Linux software.
WordPress: This package is for you if you are searching for a WordPress website hosting plan. It is equivalent to other common plans but includes features including version management, anti-virus security, and regular backups. Note that you can host your WordPress site at a lower cost with other shared plans.


Whatever plan you choose, InterServer provides the following basic features:

  • Free website migration to InterServer from your current host
  • Registration/transfer of your domain $1.99 when purchasing a web hosting plan
  • 24/7 assistance from their New Jersey team via e-mail, live chat, or telephone
  • Quick to use panels for power (cPanel for Linux users, Plesk for Windows)
  • Good quality physical infrastructure directly regulated by InterServer
  • A 50 percent limit on the server capability that avoids performance problems when traffic rises
  • Backups Free
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent
  • Fast to install 381 programs, including WordPress, Drupal, and Magento, with one click.
  • They make upgrading to VPS/dedicated hosting very simple as you expand. You will pledge that your site will not have downtime during the transition.


InterServer provides you with some features to help you achieve your goals if you want more granular control over your hosting environment (in spite of providing a shared package).

InterServer supports the following in addition to the infinite number of MySQL databases:

  • CGI and FastCGI
  • Python Sun
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby
  • SSI. SSI.
  • InterServer supports workstations such as SSH and Cron.


InterServer provides two Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans flavors: Linux and Windows. Any instance of a virtual private server is called a “slice.”

After the taste of your slice(s) have been chosen, you can obtain free migration assistance and you can choose the number of resources available:

  • The CPU Core Number
  • The memory number
  • Storage quantity
  • The transfer rate of the file
  • All InterServer VPS plans come with the following features as standard:

Instant supply: get your VPS solution up and going in seconds, not hours or days
99.9% uptime guarantee: you can confirm this using the uptime monitoring included
Easy scalability: easy to add and handle additional “slices”

Absolute root access: any program you need to improve your hosting experience can be installed and customized.

What is the standard of Insider Support?

InterServer has a robust service network for customers, which is expressed in several positive reviews. Many users claim that they have migrated to InterServer simply because they needed excellent support.

What type of SUPPORT Interserver provides?

The support team of InterServer is completely based in Secaucus, New Jersey, and they pledge to provide anyone with:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat Live
  • The team is 24/7 during the year to answer your questions.

What are the rules and cancelations?

InterServer maintains a clear price schema in line with its promise to make it as transparent and convenient for its users as possible.

The more functionalities you want your hosting package to provide, the more the service costs. However, if you and InterServer agree to a monthly package charge, you will pay the price for the entire hosting package.


Sadly, InterServer does not give free trials. Because you however charge your customers month by month without the need for a long-term contract, you can easily cancel them in any case if you are not pleased.

You can also use their 30-day cash back guarantee, so you would have money out if you cancel your contract within the first month.

INTERSERVER REVIEW: Still The Best Hosting For Medium to Small Businesses

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