Windows Optimization for PC Gaming 2021

    Windows Optimization for PC Gaming 2021

    It is difficult to know which tweaks of PC settings boost your gaming experience and which are a waste of time. Here are some modifications to ensure that your computer gets the most out of it. Avoid High Ping During Gaming

    So you’re excited to play the best PC games of the year, and you want to do all you can with your equipment. We recognize that PCs are multipurpose devices so that your machines are maybe not optimized to play outside the box. But it is hard to know what will really boost your experience with so much snake oil, and what will waste your time. Here are some tweaks which ensure that your machine gets the most out of it.

    Rein in the background

    If hardware-hungry programs are open in the background, they could prevent your PC from using its full potential in games, particularly if you have a smaller-end PC that has limited resources. In general, it’s a good idea to close these background services, but don’t expect miracles.

    Rein in the background

    The built-in Windows Game Mode is designed to help. More of your machine is devoted to the game you play, so background processes can’t steal valuable CPU power. It also stops Windows Update from downloading or rebooting notifications, which is a huge benefit. In the latest versions of Windows 10, Game Mode is on by default but does not hurt checking—heading to Configuration > Game > Game Mode and flip the on the switch. You can also try to turn it off since some games are known to cause problems.

    Besides that, don’t put too much stock in Windows “slimming down” for gaming. Many tips are obsolete or redundant – instead of searching for obscure tweaks in the registry, you’d better concentrate your attention on your hardware, drivers, and in-game settings. (Oh, and toggle off alerts so that they don’t annoy you while you play.)

    Update your drivers for graphics

    In general, you don’t have to upgrade drivers for your hardware if you have problems. However, your graphics card is an exception: producers like Nvidia or AMD constantly upgrade their drivers to optimize the new games. Installing and keeping the drivers of the manufacturer up-to-date can therefore give you serious performance improvements, particularly in new titles.

    You can see your taskbar already with the Nvidia or AMD driver icon, but it doesn’t mean you have the latest update. Pick your graphics card model and download the most current driver kit from the Nvidia, AMD, and Intel download sites – if you don’t know what graphics card you have, you can find out how to download them.

    There are multiple tools that detect and update outdated drivers in your computer like the Iobit driver booster.

    Ethernet Wire Up (or Improve Your Wi-Fi)

    Windows Optimization for PC Gaming 2021

    If you play multiplayer games online, the internet as your graphics hardware is just as limited, if not as more. If your game is lagging, stuttering or continuously losing communication, your network connection would have to be changed.

    Your best option is a wired link if possible: directly connect your PC to your router with an Ethernet cable. If your device is not next to your router, find another way—your home can have wired Ethernet jacks in the wall or powerline adapters to run network data in the electrical wiring of the building. You can also use powerline adapters. Even before I had run an Ethernet cable through my kitchen, desperate times call for desperate acts. If Ethernet is not a choice, please check our tips to boost your Wi-Fi instead. It can be decent enough if you can get a solid enough link with low latency.

    Tweak the choices for your show

    I can’t tell you how many times I saw people pluck money on a fancy gaming monitor just months later because they didn’t use their gaming features. You must allow the refresh rate in Windows until you see smoother gameplay if you have a high refresh rate monitor that works at 144Hz or higher.

    Go to Settings > Device > Monitor, select Advanced Display Settings, and set your Rating as high as it is going to be. You’ll also want to explore the built-in gaming options of your monitor, such as Overdrive, which eliminates motion blur. If you have an especially beefy graphics card, you can also allow super sampling of sharper images in your graphics driver choices. Yeah, and you’ll want to set that too if your show supports HDR.

    Refine the graphics of your game

    In the end, while it is not a Windows tweak in particular, your games can achieve the best results by setting their graphics options properly. Some games can autodetect your settings and change their settings, but if not, the low, medium, and high settings pre-configured can help get you in the ballpark. If you look around, you can also find the graphic settings guide for some games online.

    If you have an Nvidia card, check the Nvidia GeForce Experience built-in game settings optimizer, which will allow you to select the right settings for your hardware and preferences. You might also hack high-end games to make them more playable on a lower-end PC if you have time to dig into configuration files.

    If anything else fails, it’s probably time to update your hardware – in which case, see our recommendations for the best graphics cards and laptops. No amount of tweaking can often endure a strong PC upgrade.

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