WhatsApp Web is now assisted by Messenger Rooms: How to use it?

WhatsApp Web is now assisted by Messenger Rooms: How to use it?

As already tipped, Facebook is adding WhatsApp support for the Messenger Space. The strategy for combining Facebook and WhatsApp is part of the social media network. The help rooms are now only accessible on the WhatsApp Site. We have tested the WhatsApp ios program, but Rooms are not officially supported. The rooms will be sponsored by the app in the following days, but no formal words are written about it.

Facebook has also reported that Room support on WhatsApp and Instagram are being developed to provide consumers with a clear cross-app interface. We mentioned previously how to create Messenger Rooms with the Facebook Messenger App, and today we will talk about building Messenger Rooms using WhatsApp.

Why do I Create Messenger Rooms Via WhatsApp?

  • The new edition of Patch 2.2031.4 will be downloaded first on the WhatsApp network.
  • In the top left corner of the screen, two ways of setting up a Room are available; first circle, the three dots.
  • On clicking the option the screen will show an introduction page for Facebook Messenger Rooms
  • Click on the “Continue with Messenger” option.


Another page will appear showing the “Continue with Facebook account” option click on continue. There’s also an option to switch accounts in case you wish to create a Room using a different account.

WhatsApp also included the rooms within a single conversation in addition to the three points. The last choice is the space. Just press on the extension button. The method of building a space is the same.

The room is not designed with WhatsApp but with Messenger, and the video chat is encrypted end-to-end.

Facebook launched Messenger Rooms many months back, when others stopped using the video chat app as they locked down to keep Covid-19 widespread. Facebook aims at using Messenger Rooms and other videoconferencing sites, like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet.

Few things about Messenger Rooms

  • Messenger Room call is limited to 50 participants at a time.
  • The host of the Room gets the ability to lock the room just as Houseparty.
  • A Messenger Room can be scheduled. Participants can join the Room only via link.
  • The host can choose to keep the Room visible among Facebook friends or just limited or selected few.
  • Messenger Rooms come with in-app games, filters and other features to engage users.

WhatsApp Web is now assisted by Messenger Rooms: How to use it?

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