What is the general purpose of posting a video blog routinely to youtube?

What is the general purpose of posting a video blog routinely to youtube? Find out why the number of vloggers has increased.

You will have every opportunity to make money by vlogging whether you have already taken your first steps or have only started to look for a topic for yourself.

We live in a time when video-on-demand and vlogs have an important role to play and every year, the world’s video market is growing steadily, reaching USD 842 billion by 2022.

Therefore, it is certainly a good idea to decide whether to sell videos online or launch a Vlog Canal today.

We will show you proven tactics and new ideas about watching money – some of them still pretty unknown and amazing.

4 traditional types of vlogging income

You might wonder how people get paid for the vlog, if you only recently learned about vlogging.

Perhaps you heard about the online income of the bloggers – the vlogger’s professional cousins? The most common forms of blogging income include paid ads, sponsored messages and affiliate marketing.

Results, when it comes to YouTube sales, it’s not that different.

Here we will cover a few of the most popular ways as a vlogger of making money.

Sponsored or paid posts

Sponsored posts are video content ordered by a brand or service company. You and your blog act as influencers in this scenario, which advertise your audience with a brand. Depending on the company, the benefit that you receive may be money or product(s).

Vloggers are the most popular video formats to be used in sponsored content for product review videos.

One big “but” is there, however.

Before companies become interested in giving you sponsorships you first must gather an important audience.

Try establishing partnerships with brands that fit your contents and your audience may be interested in when you have a significant follower crowd (at least 5 to 10000 viewers) You can also join Famebit platforms to show potential customers your subject.

In short, the most profitable and therefore desirable kind of vlogging revenues, but also the hardest to achieve, are sponsored postings.

YouTube ads

In the last 12 months, you must receive minimum of 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers to monetize your channel. You can then apply and begin showing ads in your videos for YouTube Partner Program.

You may begin to show ads on your videos and receive a payment when your viewers click on them once YouTube checks your channel and approves it.

Selling merchandise

Your vlog can serve for your products or aesthetics like logos or icons as a great promotional platform.

For instance, cooking or having a healthy diet can be a vlog. In this case, your advertising merchandise might be your cookbook, a plan for your own diet or even home made products you want to sell. (Sellfy is by the way the best digital products platform to sell such as ebooks and online tutorials.)

If you have a solid fan base, your name, brand, or other identifying elements can sell souvenirs like T-shirts, bags, water bottles or keys.

Affiliate links

Membership sponsorships are easier to land, but generally generate less revenue than sponsored jobs.

Here you are taking steps to become a partner marketer: Find products or brands that you want to promote and apply for their affiliate programs.

  • You can also apply for and promote the products you have already-for example, photo and video equipment-for the Amazon Associates programme.
  • Get unique affiliate links to provide your viewers with discounts and/or a certain proportion of your sales.
  • In the description of the video, the video or elsewhere, add affiliate links. Tell your followers about the link in your video and invite them to receive their specific offer or see the product in detail below.
  • Get a commission if your viewer buys from your connection.

For instance, you may earn extra revenue by putting affiliate links to photography products in the description of your video, if you are a photographer and your sliding blogs are mostly tutorials of different photography techniques and equipment.

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