Want to get Adsense approved in one go?

Want to get Adsense approved in one go? We will show you how you can get your Google Adsense approved! It has been tested and has worked on every site.

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Want to get Adsense approved in one go?

Why everyone needs Google Adsense on their Website?

Be it clothes or be it cars, everything you have a desire for – needs some amount of cash. Yes and earning money online has been one of the hottest topics in almost all the counties and no doubt people are making their living more than normal by just utilizing their website for the right thing.

Before 2003, no one though their blog or website could give them money in return, Yes content writing is altogether a different thing but getting paid for what you like? Yes, there’s an opportunity as well.

Google made an awesome product that puts ads on your website and in return gives your money to show those ads. Sounds simple? Yes, it is, you get paid for impressions, clicks, etc. There is no simple way to earn money online other than Google’s Adsense because of the brand behind it.

Advertisers around the world who want to promote their product rely on google for some reason and google relies on you to promote those ads. Very simple! A good website that has around 15k-25k monthly traffic can easily earn around 100$ – 300$ easily. Now we get you excited right?

Is it that simple to earn money using Adsense?

Well, not that simple. One should have around 15k – 20k monthly traffic, a good web design, following Google policies, geographic variation in your customers to enhance the amount you get paid for.

These are some of the basic things which help you earn money if you have all of these set already? You are good to go.

What exactly gets approved while applying on Google Adsense?

Newbies have a doubt on what exactly google approves when you apply for Google Adsense? It’s the Domain, for example where you are viewing this article is our domain https://www.bioinformaticsindia.com.

If you are new to blogging and just about to start, try purchasing a domain from Namecheap which sells domains at the cheapest rate in the market.

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How do I get Adsense approved in one go?

If someone says they have all the above factors and they think they can earn enough from Adsense. Let’s start it.

Note: All of the below mention points are not factors for approval of your domain on Google Adsense.

  • New domains/ Newly purchased domains.
  • Traffic on your domain.
  • Region/ Geographic location of the applicant.
  • The platform on which your website is based on.
  • Hosting / Domain provider.

What are the factors that increase the chances of getting a domain approved?

  • TLD/ Top level domains – .com, .org, .in, .net, .int
  • Ensure you are following all Google policies.
  • Ensure you have About us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, T&C, Pages.
  • Website design that has places to serve ads.
  • High-quality original content.
  • Have a brand logo and a FavIcon.
  • Have around 15-20 contents on-site.
  • No Illegal contents.

TLD/ Top level domains – .com, .org, .in, .net, .int

A top-level domain will always increase your chances to get approved on Google Adsense on the first go as there are hundreds of reasons they are called top-level domains.

Publishers usually don’t think much while getting a domain that satisfies their basic requirements of the name. For eg. Bioinformatics .com could be the best domain for me but it has already gone and on the internet, people buy domains just to earn from them (Domain harvesting) and you will see there are not many .com domain names left when to try to get one. Non- TLDs will decrease the chances of getting approved or say are less likely to getting approved.

Ensure you are following all Google policies.

Google is a service platform and 85% of its revenue comes from Advertisements, Google would never want their spot to be overtaken by some other company and they are damn serious about their publishers following their policies while promoting businesses.

You can refer to this link when you are about to apply and ensure you are following everything https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/48182?hl=en.

Ensure you have About us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, T&C, Pages.

As suggested earlier in our recent post, these remain the most important factors while getting your Adsense approved. Google is all about trust and would favor you if you seem trustworthy to them and these are the most trustworthy pages on your site.

These pages tell everything about you are and is it safe for google to send traffic to you. Google kind of ensures that they are not sending visitors to get scammed or broke when they visit your blog/website.

You can refer our pages to make yours.

Website design that has places to serve ads.

We all like well-designed websites, it attracts us. Many of the users on the internet judge them based on the look and feel of the website, I am one of them :P. Google too likes it!

But as the goal of Adsense is to put Ads on your site to monetize it. It is necessary for your blog to have Ad spaces where you can show ads to your visitors.

A clean custom-designed website can get you traffic but if it does not have a suitable template for Adsense it won’t get approved.

There are a lot of free and paid themes available on the internet that would help you resolve the problem. You just need to check with the developer if the Theme is Adsense compatible or not while purchasing.

High-quality original content.

If you are on the internet just to get your content to monetize by serving Ads on them then google won’t love you back!

Google want Publishers to have a quality content that would serve the community who are relied on google to get their problems solved.

If you simply use automated tools to brush others’ content into yours, brother this is not for you and we don’t advise you to become a blogger. Try working on other industries that would serve your purpose.

A person who loves exploring cars can always write well on cars, if we push a gardener to write about it, he will dig you out and put water on your plan, simple as that.

Have a brand logo and a FavIcon.

Its all about representation honey, and it gives you extra trust when you see a brand with a logo other than a big brand with no logo.

Logos are supreme for your reorganization in the market. You are always advised to have logos and favicon, that not only increases trust but helps you create an identity without a name.

There are hundreds of tools that can help you make free logos eg. Canva. Or you can hire someone to make it for you, Eg. Fiverr.

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Have around 15-20 contents on-site.

Wonder if you visit a site which has just one post, what will be your reaction :O. Google is possessive and wants publishers to be at least serious about their websites/ blogs. Do you know, everyone during their lifetime tries to build a website at least once :3 Well it doesn’t work well for everyone.

Hence it is suggested by us that you should always have content/ post around 15-20 before applying to Google Adsense. You won’t want to mess up with google.

No Illegal contents.

Getting traffic on your website is very easy when you promote your website for anything illegal. That includes Porn, Pirate tools and software, copyrighted contents(text and images).

Google never wants users to have a bad experience on any website where they are serving ads. People from different geography of the world with a different set of age group search on the internet. One bad experience and everything goes down.

Concluding the topic, we would like people to through the article and implement it as suggested. Let us know on the comment on how effective this has been. We would like you to share it with your friends and family to support our blog.

We also help people getting their site approved on Adsense by charging a minimum amount. If you are interested drop us a mail at [email protected]

Rajat Singhhttps://bioinformaticsindia.com
Rajat Singh is the chief Author at Bioinformatics India, he has been writing for the past 3 years and has a special interest in SEO, Technology, Health, Life Sciences and gaming.

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