The biggest problem with Google AdSense?

    The biggest problem with Google Adsense?, Being a multinational technology company it may have many issues but Adsense is altogether at a different level.

    What is AdSense?

    Google Adsense is a program of Google that puts on ads on the website or blog in the form of serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements, etc and in return pays you money based on the ads serving at your website or blog.

    The biggest problem with Google AdSense?

    Of course, when it is about money there has to be a number of rules to be set by the organization to exclude any of the infiltrations or manipulation to earn extra from the program and yes google does it thoroughly.

    Time for approval on Adsense

    Adsense approval typically happens inside 24 to 48 hours now. On the off chance that you follow the right discipline to get it a success on the first go, above for making an interesting site that has never been associated with Google Adsense, you ought to have no issues getting affirmed rapidly. By then, you will get an approval email from Google that clarifies the procedure.

    There are some standard procedures wherein you can speed up the process, refer to this.

    Still, I see numerous bloggers and website admins grumbling about it. That is the reason I chose to run this post. I need to recognize what challenges you face when attempting to bring in cash with Google AdSense. Perhaps you had issues getting acknowledged? Possibly the sum you gain per click is excessively little? Tell me in a remark underneath the post.

    People get banned every day due to hundred of reasons in which they might or might not be guilty of, some of them are:

    • Due to Invalid traffic
    • Due to Policy Violation
    • Self Ad clicking
    • Ads serving limitation
    • Ads serving disabled etc.

    Yes, you have to ensure a lot of things before and after google puts ads on your website. Sometimes, publishers are the one who brings the rage to themselves but mostly google bans publisher without enough knowledge or any publisher inflated reason.

    A similar case happened in February 2020 with me, with the same website where you are reading this article on. I noticed 180(visitors) came around 12:30 am IST at the same time, reason unknown I still think it was some kind of bots traffic nevermind. The next morning when I wake up I see a mail stating “Usual traffic encountered and hence ads serving has been limited”. Check the screenshot

    Ad serving limited
    Ad serving limited

    I tried to reach Adsense on this but as you would already know if you are working with google, “You don’t have that option“.

    I didn’t have anything to do with this and still, it led to an ad serving limitation that is still there on the website its been 1 month now. Taking about the protection, I had to ensure security and safety that was managed by Cloudflare to avoid bot traffic.

    A similar problem occurs with Adsense every day and publishers who rely on the program for their income are totally lost.

    Concluding to the topic, Google AdSense needs to work on Publisher support to ensure the well being of the program as well as the marketers.

    The biggest problem with Google AdSense? – Comment down your views!

    Rajat Singh
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