Search Console: Request Indexing Feature Is UP & Enabled Again

Search Console: Request Indexing Feature Is UP & Enabled Again

The News came out in October 2020 when Google disabled the Request Indexing Feature from the search console. Many SEO agencies/blogs wrote about it such as Search Engine Journal etc.

I personally felt bad about it as I was the one of them who always used this feature to get my post indexed ASAP. Sadly Google didn’t want me to spam them to ask the crawler to crawl my website for new content.

What is the Request Indexing Feature of Google console?

The Request Indexing feature is part of the URL Inspection tool in Search Console. It can be used to request a crawl of individual URLs.

The most widely used indexing of requests is whether site owners post a new website or alter a current page.

It accelerates the Google process but does not give any promises by including the latest contents in your search index.

It does not guarantee instant indexing except though the functionality is working. Google can, in some cases, opt-out of indexing the contents.

As the company states in a Search Console help page:

“Requesting a crawl does not guarantee that inclusion will happen instantly or even at all. Our systems prioritize the fast inclusion of high quality, useful content.”

With that said, I would argue that Request Indexing is a feature SEOs and site owners can afford to temporarily live without.

But today, on 23rd December 2020, Google enabled the feature again. Love you Google 🙂

Users can now Manually Index their content.

Search Console: Request Indexing Feature Is UP & Enabled Again

Rajat Singh
Rajat Singh is the chief Author at Bioinformatics India, he has been writing for the past 3 years and has a special interest in SEO, Technology, Health, Life Sciences and gaming.

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