How To Add A Blog On Google Search Engine?

How To Add A Blog On Google Search Engine?

If you are a newbie you can never leverage Google. Google at the moment can help you achieve everything when it comes to your digital environment.

Often New Bloggers find it difficult to add their blogs on google, some of them even don’t know how to do it.

No Worries! In this article today, we will help you achieve you goal to appear on Google.

Introduction to Google Search Console

“Google search console” is a Google search tool for you on Google. You must submit a permalink in your search console so that Google can quickly crawl your article to rate you on Google. Do you know “How to send URLs to the “Google Search Console?” Do you?

It won’t be relevant if you’ve done a lot of SEO techniques for your post, but don’t do the search console part, so your article won’t rank. So you need to know about the Google Webmaster tool where you can upload your URL.

How to Add your URL/ Site/ Blog/ Website on Search Console?

  1. Visit the Google Search Console Page
  2. Add your Domain / Url. (Refer Image 1)
  3. Click on Continue to proceed.
  4. Your website is now registered with Google.
  5. Now, you will see Inspect URL on the upper section, enter the URL you want to index, and hit-enter. (Refer Image 2)
  6. Once, the run is complete click on request indexing.
Search Console - How To Add A Blog On Google Search Engine?
Image 1: This is how the page looks when you try to add your blog/url
Search Console data - How To Add A Blog On Google Search Engine?

Your URL is now prioritized to get crawled by Google Crawl bots and would get indexed within 15 minutes.

Hope that helped you. Share it with your friends if this helped to you.

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