Boost your SEO with free backlinks 2020

Boost your SEO with free backlinks 2020, How can you get free backlinks by just following some simple tricks and hacks.

When it comes to SEO building a backlink is very important to rank your brand for any keyword. Remember building trust with Google is not so easy and also building backlinks is the number one factor for making your brand showing up in Google search.

Now as we want to build backlinks to your site, we are going to go through a plethora you can build backlinks quickly and efficiently to your website. However, good quality backlinks and how to do it in a way that does not take you forever.

This is definitely going to be some work and is not going to happen quickly, backlinks are a lot of work to build but they are so worthy to invest on.

Today our goal is going to be to create new backlinks to your website.

You would need a specific number of backlinks that would vary depending on your location for instance. If you are in a small town and many other people doing the same thing you are doing in your business, you would probably need a handful of good quality backlinks.

How to check current backlinks if your website?

Head on to Ahrefs by clicking Here

Put your website URL in the search box:

Ahrefs backlink checker
Backlinks for Binformatics India

Well, being a site age of 80 days, I have a good amount of Backlinks which gives me an outstanding 359 backlinks, well most of them are No follows but it is a good start!

So particularly if someone wants to rank above me, has to have a minimum of 359 backlinks. However, the quality of backlink would always matter depending on the DA & Relevancy.

Let’s say for now as in for this course, I am working on SEO that means it is quite normal to talk about terms like backlinks, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Brand Ranking, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Load times, User experience and similar stuff and this article would only rank if it has link juice from impressive SEO bloggers such as Ahrefs, &

Considering a Live example, let’s consider searching for the term “Bioinformaticsindia” as a search term and look out for our desired result i.e my website. You would definitely find the first result as my site as Google already know I’ve been there for a while now and in last 60 days I’ve had around 40k visitors which is quite impressive for a new website and Google now trusts me and is sure to send the visitors to my site for any searched query.

How you can get a backlink for free?

Well look down at your niche, and first identify your competitors who are ranking in your niche. Try to analyze the keywords they are ranking for, you can easily do that using Ubersuggest or Ahrefs.

This is a long time investment and would help you with a long term SEO boost. Let’s help you with an example.

Go on ubersuggest and type in your keyword.


Consider, I am an Exporter and I help people export and import their materials from one place to another, be it cities or countries and I am based in Mumbai.

Let’s find my competitors,

Keyword overview for “Exporter”

What you see on the right side is whom do you need to overcome for the keyword. So that includes backlinks too 🙂

Now if someone who needs to ship their material to any place and is based in Mumbai too, there are high chances they may reach out to me for same and every time people I get a contact from Google, it will boost our relationship and I will now rank higher than usual.

Considering another example

I run a cake shop in Mumbai which is usually less crowded but is enough at my place to rank number 1 in my region. Now That means I’m ranking for the term cake shop and I have an advantage in Mumbai but is someone searches for cake shop 10-40 miles away from Mumbai, they would probably not find my store in their searches.

So in a competition like that, you can try looking for best cake shop/ blog in the region let’s say in Pune, we will reach out to the ranking sites for the keyword cake shop and just have a casual talk wherein we will add value to their store by helping them with some suggestions you think would increase their revenue Or just say hi, I’ve visited your website/ blog it seem to have a very good ambiance. I too have a similar brand based in Mumbai and would like you to invite for a free lunch at our place.

This will directly hit the shop owners’ minds as this generally gives a casual impression about how other people are interested in helping their business grow and asking them out on their places.

Or simply suggest the best thing at your place and ask them if they plan to have partnership with your brands, this will give you access to their site’s control and you can promote your site in theirs!

How do you think the idea was? Interested in more, like and share the article and we will help you explore more!

Boost your SEO with free backlinks 2020

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Rajat Singh is the chief Author at Bioinformatics India, he has been writing for the past 3 years and has a special interest in SEO, Technology, Health, Life Sciences and gaming.

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