8 Tips That Helped Me Increase my Domain Authority

In this article, I will share 8 Tips That Helped Me Increase my Domain Authority in just 2 months. My domain authority is 54 as I am writing this content.

When it comes to Domain Authority you feel you have heard that term before, and you know it is relevant, but you don’t know what it is, let me help you understand how you can use it to improve your business.

Never be afraid! At the end of this post, you will be aware of the exact domain authority meaning, how to increase the domain authority score for your website and more. Right now, we will shine a light in the darkness and help you to understand this crucial marketing idea.

Sound like a plan? Then let’s get there..

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What do you understand by the term “Domain Authority”?

Since Moz developed the metric for the domain authority, we shall refer to them for a definition:

The domain authority or “DA” is a search engine ranking that shows how likely a website is to be ranked on results pages of the search engine (SERPs). A score of the domain authority is from 1 to 100 and a higher number leads to higher rankings.”

Moz continues that, “the domain authority is determined by evaluation of several factors in a single domain authority ranking, including the relation between root domains and the number of total backlinks.”

It is necessary to remember that the domain authority forecasts performance, not inherently success. The measure is not used by Google and the increase in your DA would not immediately increase your website’s search results in Google.

Domain Authority

In short, the domain authority score for your website will help you to determine your competitiveness in your niche. In exchange, this will allow you to strategically choose keywords.

For example, let’s claim that the DA score of your website is 56. If you compete with domain authorities in the period between 39 and 47 for a particular keyword, you will know that a well-written blog post or web page has a strong chance of ranking. But you’ll probably want to target a different keyword if you compete with domain authority sites above the 60s.

Other similar terms used by other SEO tools include Website Authority at Ahrefs & Authority Score at SEMrush.

Other Factor: Page Authority

Until around 2019, Moz’s domain authority metric was the gold standard when website reputations were evaluated. Moz permitted anyone anonymously to conduct unrestricted free domain controls. Users can type in a website URL and receive domain and page authority results immediately via a small page on their website.

As is the case, Moz decided to remove this functionality from the public and requested that users build accounts and have an email address before using the tool. As a result, bots and automated systems that were not able to consistently pick up Moz’s DA metrics, other companies have moved up and developed their own domain ranking tools.

Page Authority

These other methods do not use the term “domain authority” and are named as close variants such as “domain reputation” or “site authority.” They are intended to determine the same phenomenon — the reputation of a certain site.

It is important to remember that most of these systems do not play well. A Moz DA of 51 could be 76 in another instrument. Whatever page health measure you use, make sure it remains consistent.

Authority of domain versus the authority of a website

We have to clarify before we dig deeper into domain authority: domain authority and page authority, another MOZ metric, are different. In the terms of the company itself:

“When Page Authority measures one page’s predictive ranking power, the Domain Authority measures the strength of whole domains or subdomains.”

We will concentrate on domain authority in this post.

How to check domain authority

Domain authority may seem complicated at first. Fortunately, checking the DA score for your own site is super easy. Just follow these four steps:

  1. Pull up Moz’s free Link Explorer tool.
  2. Type your URL into the search bar near the top of the page.
  3. Sign up for a free Moz account. Already a member? Log in.
  4. Analyze the data that Moz gives you.

What’s a good score for domain authority?

You just plugged your website URL into one of Moz’s devices and checked your DA ranking. You probably wonder, “Is that good?” This is a fair question. It’s the wrong question, too. You should wonder, “Is my site so good?”

As previously stated, the scores of the domain authority range from 1 to 100. Any website begins at one and increases as backlinks and popularity are gained. A successful domain score depends on your direct competitors’ domain scores.

Let’s go back to our example before and pretend you have a DA of 54. It’s even smaller than Google in the 90s. However, because your hypothetical site does not compete for customers with Google, this analogy is meaningless.

After looking for the scores of your direct rivals, you know that most of them are in the mid 40s.

To decide whether or not your domain authority score is fine, compare it with the score of your competitors. You’re doing better if it’s higher. You’ve got work to do if it’s lower. Simple as that.

8 Tips That Helped Me Increase my Domain Authority

1. Get the fundamentals right

First of all, make sure your website is properly set up. That means optimising your content on-site, ensuring that you load your website quickly, and creating a mobile site that can be easily surfed on a phone or tablet. Here are a couple of tips to start:

fundamentals right
  • Do not ignore internal links because they allow you to crawl and index content on search engines such as Google. Make sure your text suits the page to which you are referring.
  • Check your mobile website for convenience. Mobile optimised sites have improved user experience and increase the probability of backlinks to your material.
  • Ensure that PageSpeed Insights loads your website fast. Slow pages have high bounce rates and Google and the other search engines have a huge red flag.

High-quality backlinks are king when it comes to domain authority. The higher you get, the higher your ranking. We wrote a detailed post about link building, which we certainly propose to read. But keep these things in mind for now:

  • Create great content: Authoritative websites are only linked if remarkable to your content. So take your time to create detailed posts, videos, etc. better than on the internet. It’s worth the effort, promised.
  • Promote the material: not enough content alone. Give your email list and social media follow-up an impetus. That helps you to get an eye on your job which increases your backlink opportunities.
  • Implement a strategy for building links: The ball rolls up with top-notch content and a consistent advertising plan. However, you would also want to be more involved in connecting buildings. Contact leading websites and ask them to connect to you. Just know that there is a correct and wrong way to go about this, which we discuss in the above-mentioned link building post.
  • Commitment to guest blogging: Guest blogging will finally be a fantastic way to create background ties for reputable websites. For one thing, in the content you write, you can connect to your own website. Second, people reading your guest post will enjoy it, check out similar content on your website and connect to some of your posts.

Moz’s latest DA score makes discounting poor links a much better job, as Google is obviously trying. Notice that “evil” does not mean ties with low authority. It is very natural to have such links from the low-authority domains and websites, and it is often both important and useful for searchers. Moz’s Spam Score is very complicated, but we know as people intuitively when we pursue low-quality, low-performance links. Stop doing that. Stop doing that.

4. Get more access to traffic

Moz’s new DA also determines whether connections to genuine traffic come from legitimate websites since this is a good indicator of usefulness. Whether you frequently use DA, you know that attracting links to drive traffic indicates the importance of the search and drives results from the bottom line.

It is also a good reason not to chase any links that you can at any expense. What a connection nobody can see that does not push any traffic and is probably reduced by both our authority metrics and Google.

5. Your off-page SEO

The most critical metric of all is your relation profile. Sites with a solid, clean profile would have a higher DA than sites that have a not so good connection profile.

What is a good link profile?

A website has a good link profile if:

  • It has incoming links from websites of high authority
  • Links are provided from similar websites
  • It has no negative ties (low-quality links)
  • It has links from many specific areas

6. Your technical SEO work

Technical SEO is similar to low-level SEO tasks and you normally don’t have to deal with it again until you get your technical SEO right from the start.

If the technological SEO element of your website is not right, on the other hand, this can have an enormous effect on your domain authority and rating.

You must review the vital SEO settings to include:

  • Register your website with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools
  • Create and optimize your XML sitemap and submit it to Google
  • Check your robots.txt settings and use Fetch as Google to ensure that Google and other search engine spiders can crawl your website without problems.
  • Consider migrating your website to HTTPS
  • Add structured data (schema) information to help search engines understand the context of your content
  • Make sure that you have a properly defined breadcrumb menu on all pages
  • Make proper use of hreflang (in case you have a multilingual website)

7. Improve Your Page Speed

One of the known ‘signals’ of the Google ranking algorithm is page speed. Website’s that load faster, have an additional advantage over slower websites.

Improving your page speed will not only improve your rankings and domain authority but it will make the user experience better and this translates to more sales, leads, and signups.

page speed importance for SEO
Page Speed Importance for SEO

It’s not always easy to address the problem of page speed. There are a lot of technical elements involved, which can be very complicated if you are not a developer or anyone with technical experience.

However, if you cannot afford to hire a developer to improve your website load pace, you can check the following:

  • Unnecessary plugins are removed
  • Upgrade WordPress to the new versions (and plugins)
  • Contact your hosting company and ask them to report the efficiency of your server. Upgrade to a more efficient server if possible.
  • Use a plugin to cache (such as w3total cache)
  • Optimize image file size
  • Use a streaming service for videos (like YouTube).
  • Use a CDN (network for content delivery) for large CSS files and images

8. Be very Patient

As discussed in the introduction of this article, it is not possible to increase your domain authority overnight.

Moz Crawlers will take time to read and review their websites after making some of the above updates, so you have to be careful.

Working to improve your Google rankings systematically would also have a positive impact on your domain rating.

Final Words To Closure

Wrapping the domain authority is a valuable marketing metric because it can help you develop a good SEO strategy for your business. Only recall that the domain authority expects success, it does not guarantee success. Because of this, the target should never be to raise your ranking.

To increase your website’s domain authority, follow these 8 measures we are discussing in this article. When you do, your DA will increase as well as the capacity of your site to classify your search engine results. Good luck!

Rajat Singhhttps://bioinformaticsindia.com
Rajat Singh is the chief Author at Bioinformatics India, he has been writing for the past 3 years and has a special interest in SEO, Technology, Health, Life Sciences and gaming.

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