Razer Cortex: Best Game Booster for PC/ Android

Razer Cortex: Best Game Booster for PC/ Android

Razer Cortex is a free gaming peripheral for PC/ Android optimization. It does not just perform the normal homework of temporary files, the recycle bin is discarded, broken registry entries are checked, but also suspends non-important processes for freeing up RAM while you play.

You will also have the option to install Razer SoftMiner and Razer Synapse when you install Razer Cortex.

Razer SoftMiner (which is not a crypto-currency) is a mining app for the Razer Gold. It can be charged for shipping, games, and coupons by the company, but you have to spend hundreds of days mining to get anything as big as a keyboard to keep your PC running slowly while it is mining.

Razer Synapse Hardware setup tools for tasks such as connecting keys, macro assignment and lighting modification. Razer Synapse You probably already have it built if you own a Razer peripheral.

The most impressive aspect of Razer Cortex is the Game Booster, that works exceptionally well, but the program is bundled in device optimisation tools that only perform simple scans and provide minimal customization opportunities. It will help you get better FPS and reduce lag in your games be it CS: GO, PUBG OR GTA V, you will miss the best system booster if you haven’t used this.

Super Functionalities

Once you first start Razer Cortex, you are invited to log into or build a new Razer account with Facebook , Google or Twitch. But you can continue as a guest without registration if you prefer not to surrender your details.

There are three sections of Razer Cortex itself: Game Booster, System Booster, and Game Deals. When you play and start games from your origin, Steam or desktop automatically, Game Booster releases resources. System Booster functions similarly to other applications for optimizing computers like CCleaner, remove junk files, defrag the drive, and clean the machine up otherwise.

As its name suggests, Game Deals offers an overview of recent Steam, HumbleBundle and IndieGala sales and so on.

The game Booster allows you to use a simple checkbox list for the optimization of your PC game results. Second, there are ‘specials‘: activities such as deactivation of the CPU sleep mode, automated updates, clipboard clearing and RAM clearing. There’s nothing you can’t do (whether any choices will have some measurable effect on results is questionable), but it’s certainly easy to turn on and off all of them with a single button.

If you’re a gamer, Razer Cortex has a few advantages over other PC optimizers, particularly the ability to automatically suspend non-essential processes to free up resources – but we’re inclined to suggest a simpler clean-up method for general care without the game bells and whistles.

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Razer Cortex: Best Game Booster for PC/ Android

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