Quick Guide: How To Factory Reset an iPhone?

    Quick Guide: How To Factory Reset an iPhone?

    Resurrection is reality — as we speak about iPhones. If you have wanted to sell your smartphone or behave unusually, you will have to restore your iPhone to factory configurations. The factory reset procedure is to clean out all of your iPhone’s data and settings. It’s about getting back to the fun moment when the new gadget is being unboxed.

    A factory reset is considered an emergency measure by many. Anything that takes away your useful photo gallery, messages, and settings. Ok, this is not the case specifically. We will tell you in this guide how to reset the iPhone model from 4 to 11 and to keep your data secure.

    Before resetting the device you should clear your mind with what are you expecting out of it?

    Maybe soft reset can do your work, if not we always have an option to hard reset.

    Before selling or handing it on to someone, you probably have to disinfect your iPhone. This could be a way out too, whether you have trouble with a non-responsive screen or software. Any other troubleshooting techniques are however still possible to try. The factory reset is a transformative move that pulls the old iPhone out of existence — so make sure to figure out more choices before you take it.

    What is the difference between Hard Reset, Soft reset & Factory reset?

    • Soft reset: The easiest fix is a soft reset, which is basically the process of rebooting your iPhone. This is the first thing to try if your screen freezes or particular apps seem buggy. 
    • Hard reset: If you’re left with the black screen and a soft reset doesn’t work, run a hard reset. Unlike a factory reset, it doesn’t restore your operating system. However, it does clear away iPhone data and settings. 
    • Factory reset: It’s the final stop on your troubleshooting journey. If you’re searching for how to completely reset your iPhone, this is for you. Not only will a factory reset remove data and settings, but it will also revamp your system — bringing it back to the original. 

    Note that, depending on the iPhone model, strength restart and hard reset function vary. For eg, iPhone X has no Home button unlike the older mates of the business. Thus it doesn’t work with the conventional Home+Power button.

    Safely backup and then reset your iPhone

    You would need to create an iPhone backup to schedule an iPhone for a factory reset. If you’re resetting hard/factory on your iOS – ensure that you safely store a backup of your files in the cloud or an external disk.

    This is a step-by-step guide to reset an iPhone with a native backup method:

    1. Connect your iPhone to Mac via USB. 
    2. Open iTunes if your Mac runs on macOS 10.14 and older, or Finder if you have macOS 10.15. If you use iTunes, make sure it’s the updated version. 
    3. Click on your device name in iTunes, or in the sidebar of the Finder window. 
    4. Under Summary, click Back Up Now if you want to back up with iTunes. There’s also an option to save your data to remote servers by backing up with iCloud. 
    5. Click Restore iPhone > Restore > Agree once the  backup process is complete. 

    How to use iCloud to Factory reset the iPhone?

    The use of iCloud is another way to restore the iPhone to factory configuration. You can also connect your computer to Mac if you wish to back your iPhone natively, by using the iCloud tool. It’s simpler. This is how it functions:

    1. Make sure your iCloud is active by logging into the account with your Apple ID. 
    2. Back up your iPhone contents: Settings > Device Name > iCloud
    3. Choose the items you want to backup and set iCloud Backup to On. 
    4. Once you’re ready, hit Backup Now. 
    Quick Guide: How To Factory Reset an iPhone?

    With the backup process complete, access Settings > General. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. In the pop-up window, tap Erase iPhone. If the reset process has been successful, you’ll be presented with the option to set up your device in the iOS Setup Assistant. 

    Iphone reset

    This guide to wiping an iPhone not only gives your smartphone new life, it is also a universal solution to your issues with your iPhone. However, let us note that this is not the only way to do so. Without messing the details, you can reset only settings: settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings.

    If you think your access to the network creates a problem, pick Reset network settings in the same tab. Try a soft or rough reset before resetting iPhone to factory settings when you find some mild wrongdoing.

    Whatever reset measure you want to use, ensure that you are supported by a secure backup tool. Backups for iCloud from your phone are easy to manage. AnyTrans is the correct method for planned backups and Disk Drill rescues the data if the backup does not work properly.

    Quick Guide: How To Factory Reset an iPhone?

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