Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: Good things comes with a cost

    Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: Good things comes with a cost

    Microsoft Surface Go 2 is the perfect device for someone like a blogger or author. Here’s our verdict of the new Windows 10 2-in-1.

    I wasn’t that impressed when the first Surface Go came. Though Surface Go was a 2-in-1 device, the raw computing output was lacking and the battery’s life was mediocre. The new Surface Go 2 is iron-free and it is a positive indication that I had the initial Surface Go. Sadly, the price of Go 2 is higher in India, which is not accessible by the majority of student customers who might have gained tremendously from this device. I’ve been trying 10.5-inch surface go 2 for most of the week, and this is my verdict.

    Go 2 review: What is new? Microsoft Surface Go 2

    On the outside, the Surface Go 2 didn’t change much. It is 9.65 x 6.9 x 0.33 inches long and 544 grams in weight. Surface Go 2 is designed according to the same standards as other surface devices. This means that the Surfaces go 2 is bigger, except that we are looking at a machine that is the same as Surface Pro.

    I like the design of supercompact computer equipment. It is easy equipment to bring like Surface Go 2, which I can take to work and apply a plot, even from small spaces. The surface Go 2’s magnesium body is the same building firm as the Pro; in comparison, the Go 2 also has a genius back kickstand up to 165 degrees.

    Think of the Go 2 as a compact surface go that can be turned into an optional Windows laptop (more on this later). Then what did Surface Go 2, alter then? Now there is a wider 10.5-inch display and narrower margins across the screen on the current Surface Go. It might seem like a little change, but these tiny bezels offer a new and modern look to the Surface Go.

    Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: What’s good?

    Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: Good things comes with a cost

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