InterServer: Best & cheapest web hosting

InterServer: Best & cheapest web hosting, The best host in 2020 to start your blogs & website with super fast speed and lowest downtime. The cheapest deal you can ever have! InterServer

Hi there!! If you want to take your business online or start a blog? You will definitely need a web host. Web hosting is a cornerstone of your website. There are a plethora of web hosting services available that allows you to host your website to the world wide web with a specific domain as per your requirements.

It is crucial to pick the right web hosting service that can elevate your business and can draw a massive influx of eyeballs to your websites. But many times it is puzzling to pick the right web hosting service and you end up shelling out a considerable chunk of money for a substandard web host.

So if you are struggling to pick a right web host that fits into your budget then Hakuna Matata (no worries) as you are at the right place now!

You must have heard of Interserver web hosting unless you are living under the rocks. It offers a wide array of features at minimal charges. And the most glaring feature is it provides 3-months unlimited web hosting for just 1 dollar. It is just insane I mean considering their quality service the charge is quite a fair deal and one should grab this offer by both hands.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

Now let us dig deep into their wide array of quality services. 

The standard web hosting which cost just a dollar for 3 months covers unlimited ultra SSD storage, 450+ cloud apps, site pad website builder, unlimited E-mail accounts, global content caching, inner shield protection, 30-days money-back guarantee, free website migration, free SSL certificate, and many more glaring offers.

The plethora of incredible features offered at just a dollar makes Interserver’s Webhosting a standout among the herds of its competitors and certainly, Interserver is at the helm as far as ROI is concerned. The return on investment on Interserver’s standard Webhosting is just mindblowing I mean you can not ask for more for just a dollar. 

Cloud Apps

It provides over 450 apps that can be downloaded with a single click. This includes blogging apps like WordPress, Pubvana; CMS apps like Joomla, Drupal7; E-commerce apps like Presta Shop, Abante Cart; forums like MyBB, SMF; Social networking like Dolphin, Oxwall; Educational applications like Moodle3.5; Chamilo; and whatnot. You can check out the full list on their website and I promise you will be astounded with a raised eyebrows to see a never-ending list. And again I am reminding you this all takes just a dollar for three months. 

Intershield security

If you own a website the malware is one of the grave threats that can damage your website. Interserver has covered it too with their free Intershield security. The Intershield security block web attacks and perform an automatic virus scan. On top of that, it also comprises of machine learning firewall and In house malware database which adds icing to the cake and makes the security more comprehensible. 

Inter-proxy Caching + Cloudfare

This is one of the key features of good hosting service and Interserver got it covered in its standard web hosting service. 

Website contents with heavy request loads are automatically cached using a proprietary set of caching mechanism that is Inter-proxy. 

RAID LEVEL: LSI MegaRaid SSD caching. Sector level hot spot caching on the storage device.

HARDWARE LEVEL: Files under 2mb in size are stored in RAM. A typical web hosting node has 256GB of memory.

SOFTWARE LEVEL: LSCache for dynamic content caching.

PACKET LEVEL: QUIC – Developed by google for reduced connection times

Free inter-insurance

Interserver also provides free inter-insurance which includes investigation of error, restoration of your website and prevent the intrinsic cause of the threat. This is a boon for exploited or hacked accounts and it also includes cleaning up of your account during migration. Its major speciality is to securely get back the WordPress websites and shield it from future thwarts. Free inter-insurance service certainly adds a lot of weight to the allure of the Interserver standard web hosting plan. 

30-day guarantee

No this is not a mere gimmick, Interserver does provide a money refund option. If you are not satisfied with their web hosting plans you can file a refund claim within 30 days. So keeping this in view I do not think you should hesitate to shell out a dollar from your pocket and that too for three months subscription. 

Price lock guarantee

There are web host providers who initially lower their charges to attract the eyeballs but after you surf to their payment section you will discover a lot of hidden extra charges that can ultimately unsettle your budget. But for Intersever there is a completely different story as they offer a price lock guarantee. Under this, you will be charged with the same price you signed up for and you do not need to shell out any extra bucks. 

Renewal costs

There are web hosting services that lure you by low initial charges but then skyrocket the renewal charges. This is where Interserver again trumps its competitors as it offers optimum renewal charges.  

Free migration service

One of the most popular features Interserver holds is a free migration service. Under this, you can seamlessly transfer the foreign website to your Interserver account in a fraction of time. Their expert staff ensures a smooth migration with the utmost care and precision. No matter what control panel or account access you have on your old host account it will be done comprehensibly without charging a single penny. 

Free website builder

Imagine building your dream website with all premium themes for free? Yes, Interserver does provide a free website builder. Sitepad which is available for free with their standard web hosting plan can beautifully design your website. It includes a wide array of categories to satisfy all your website needs. It has over 300 premium themes and to make the process easier it provides a one-click publisher. On top of that Sitepad provides over 40 widgets to make a website user-friendly and also integrate popular control panels like cPanel, Plex, and Direct admin. 

Guaranteed email delivery

Interserver provides you with a private E-mail hosting. It includes a personalized email id (, spam and virus protection, and unlimited storage. On top of that, you can access it on unlimited devices with 24/7 technical support. You will get all these whooping features just for 4 dollars a month. 

Easy to use control panel

You know server management tasks are cumbersome and tedious. Interserver provides you with a dedicated cPanel hosting service that cut short your time and money seamlessly automating and streamlining the server management tasks. This offering cost just 4 dollars a month. 

The standard Webhosting which just leads you to shell out 1 dollar for 3 months service also includes Unlimited file storage and unlimited bandwidth. It also provides you 99.9% downtime with ultra-fast server speed. 

As their tagline goes “while time may change, our service to customers never waivers”. It truly reflects their commitment toward their service. 

With so many whooping features at minimal charges, Intersevers is truly doing a commendable job and provide a quality service to its customers. 

To Explore more visit their Website!

Article by – Nishant Chaturvedi – InterServer: Best & cheapest web hosting

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