Instagram Story: A step-by-step guide to post quiz

Instagram Story: A step-by-step guide to post quiz

You’ve come to the right place to find a solution if you have trouble getting your Instagram profile attention-grabbing and excited.

  • Users of Instagram can add polls, questions and so on to their stories in order to reach the public.
  • To start a quiz in Trivia style with your follower you can add Instagram Quizzes sticker to your story.
  • The number of answers is trackable and all the answers can be checked.

You can upload posts on Instagram, add stories, and connect with those who want your photographs, videos or captions. Just as we all like scrolling and surfing Instagram; Instagram isn’t just amazing content; it remains undeniable. It also involves creating content that keeps your followers alive.

This applies mainly to accounts that use Instagram to demonstrate their talents. Instagram isn’t just a space for personal interactions anymore. Bloggers, influencers, corporations etc. are now using the innovative and collaboration instruments of Instagram to communicate with the public.

This article would definitely benefit you if you are one of them.

First of all, you don’t want to lose the hard-earned followers in one go, right? We recommend, then, that you regularly maintain your connections with your followers.

Don’t give them a reason to believe that you don’t want to make content anymore. It can be very exciting to share new photos or videos every day so we suggest using resources like Instagram surveys, Instagram questionnaires, and so on for daily interaction.

Using Instagram Quizzes sticker you can add trivia-style multiple-choice questions. If you are a blogger, it can help you ascertain how much your followers know about your personal life. Or you can ask questions about your organization if you use the Instagram Business profile.

It will help you track your scope and know how much about products / services your audience knows. Here is how you can get it if you want to add Instagram Quizzes.

How to post quiz in Instagram Story

Getting Started

Step 1: Open Instagram and click on the camera icon at the top left corner

STEP 2: Add or Upload image or video, Click a picture or add an image or you even record a video

Screenshot 20200704 174405 - Instagram Story: A step-by-step guide to post quiz

STEP 3: Tap on the icon placed right next to the volume icon, Now tap on the icon placed right next to the volume icon and Scroll down to the Quiz Sticker

STEP 4: Add your Question and options for Answer, If you want to add more than two choices, tap on Add. Also, tap on the option that is the correct answer

STEP 5: Edit Colour, The default colour for correct answer green, you cannot change that. But you can change the overall look of the quiz by tapping on the colour given above

STEP 6: Share Story, Once done, tap on Done. Share your story with your close friends or otherwise

Instagram Story: A step-by-step guide to post quiz
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