Increase traffic with Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

Increase traffic with Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

Web stories are AMP-powered fullscreen pages. You can create immersive visual narratives for visual knowledge. History is immersive, sharable and can be monitored. Thanks to a Google plugin, they can now be added to your WordPress account. We’ll look at the WordPress plugin for Google Web Stories to see what it can do in the summary to the analysis of this plugin.

What are Google Web Stories?

Web Stories are pages of smartphone screen size with magazine-style styles, which are officially known as AMP stories. Content includes broad text with links to long material, 15-second portrait videos with subtitles, and pictures with subtitles. Online stories are a free open-source program.

This is intended for use on mobile devices. These typically have between 4 and 30 pages of 10 words per page. It is perfect for generating smaller bits of material. They are a perfect way to have interactive, one-hand material at lunch, on a metro etc.

Why to use WordPress web Stories?

The layout and design of the WordPress Web Stories are great for your blog posts. The plugin integrates them into the website of your WordPress and facilitates domain history traffic.

They also help boost your SEO, which is a top figure for Google Search, Google Photos, Google Discover, and the Google App.

How to Install Google Web Stories Plugin?

This is a public beta plug-in, which gives the most relevant features. The full release is planned for late summer. This will have more reliability, efficiency and bug fixes and provide support for animation and page attachments.

Since it is beta, you’ll have to download the file and install it manually following these steps:

  1. Go to Stories Github page and download the beta plugin
  2. In the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Click Upload Plugin
  4. Select the zipped file from your computer
  5. Click Install Now
  6. When you see “Plugin installed successfully”, click Activate Plugin

The Stories dashboard is replaced with a new menu element. Each of your stories can be seen here, a new story is introduced and templates explored. Here you can open, rename, doubled or delete your stories in the editor.

It is a postal story type, which can appear as story posts and can then be linked to daily pages and posts as a link to such stories.

Creating a story on Google Web Stories?

Automatically generates a regular blog post with a code for the story already put in the post by selecting Attach to New Post. This is a popular blog post, so it’s on the list. This is a link opening the page for the story. Add to the post any other material. You can use the code in any post or page, with blog posts, slides layouts etc. This code is available. I use the classical version, but in Gutenberg it functions the same way.

Google exposure is full-page and is mentioned in the news articles. Links to web sites, AMP sites or an app can be included. They can include any combination of text, pictures, buttons, video, and animations. In the upper left corner, advertisements are marked as an ad. The aim of the advertising is to provide a coherent design that follows the Web Stories UX.

The manual demonstrates how to code and produce announcements. To get you started, there are many models. Some of them appear in the above illustration.

Final Thought

Web Stories is a fun way for your WordPress website to publish content. Stories seem like pages in the magazine and act as a slider. They also fit well with Divi’s templates and modules, the WordPress navigation system. For mobile devices, they operate very well.

Google’s WordPress Web Stories app looks like software like Canva to edit graphics. It is easy to use and fast. I would suggest trying the Web Stories WordPress plugin if you are interested in an easy way to create simple content that looks fantastic and enhances your SEO.

We want to hear from you. You have used the WordPress plugin Google Web Stories? Please let us know about your experience in the following section.

Increase traffic with Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin

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