How To Verify if Your Android Phone Has Been Certified?

How To Verify if Your Android Phone Has Been Certified?

Android devices vary considerably in functionality and depending on the manufacturer the operating system itself can look dramatically different. Despite all this variation, for the sake of security, there is some essential consistency. We will show you how to see if your Android device is approved.

First of all, what does “certified” Android phone or tablet mean? Google provides a list of criteria to be met to pass a compatibility test for a product. Manufacturers submit devices and are approved if they pass the test.

This compatibility test is designed to make Android phones and tablets consistent. The Google Play Store and Google Play Protect access these devices, which is a security check for any games and software that you have.

An uncertified device cannot get the latest security updates and there is no way to check the validity of the apps installed on it. Some Google apps are also restricted from using uncertified Android devices.

Most Android phones and tablets have been accredited. The average Android user doesn’t have to think about this. The most common cause of an uncertified computer is to root or to use a custom ROM.

If your computer is approved or not, you may want to find out. Fortunately, testing is very simple.

Second, open your Android phone or tablet with the Google Play Store. Next, tap the icon on the top left side of the hamburger menu to open the sidebar menu.

tap the menu icon

Select “Settings” from the menu.

select settings

Scroll down to the “About” section. Under “Play Protect Certification,” it will say whether your device is certified or uncertified.

certification listing

That’s it! If you find that your device is uncertified and you haven’t modified it, you can check Google’s list of supported Android devices to see whether yours is included.

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