How to install Cloudflare SSL Certificate on CPanel

How to install Cloudflare SSL Certificate on CPanel

This is a simple tutorial for CPanel installation of a Free/Paid Cloudflare SSL Certificate. To do this, you don’t have to use a specific IP address or hosting. Please notice that this works only for other hosting providers. You can be filthy and obligated to buy a particular IP address from your hosting company. We advise hosting with InterServer.

We will have the original SSL certificate issued by CloudFlare installed in this tutorial. But for up to 15 years it’s safe and true! LetsEncrypt is another way to obtain a free SSL Certificate. The downside to using the LetsEncrypt form is that you just have to renew your certificate every 90 days. Before continuing with this guide, be sure you registered with CloudFlare and correctly pointed your nameservers.

1. Log in/Sign up to your Cloudflare Account

Log in/Sign up to your Cloudflare account, then proceed with adding your domain on Cloudflare or if you have added already proceed with the setting.

2. Select the Crypto option & click Create certificate

Once you log on to your account proceed with the SSL/TLS section as shown above and click on Create Certificate Option.

3. Proceed as shown in the Image

After proceeding the step you will obtain CRT, & Private Key, Do not close the tab you will need them for further process.

4. Log in to your CPanel Account

After logging in to your CPanel, Find SSL/TLS option and click on it.

5. Proceed with the last option

After clicking on SSL/TLS you have to click on “Install and Manage SSL for your site”. You would see CRT & Private Key option. Put the details you obtained from Cloudflare here and leave the last option blank and proceed with Install.

Good Job, You have successfully installed Free SSL for 15 Years. How to install Cloudflare SSL Certificate on CPanel

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