How to earn money online on Blogger?

How to earn money online on Blogger?

Ever thought about your own blog launch? Have you ever wondered what it takes to not only set up this blog, but to keep it on-line, or produce passive income, over time? You ‘re clearly not lonely, definitely. Millions of people attempt to blog, but none produce a significant amount of revenue from their activities.

Nonetheless, if you start a blog to make money and are not really interested in blogging first, then you are just wasting your time. The art of blogging is not just a theory or design. You will feel a surge of anger and disappointment without a strong love for your job.

Which is the reason? While it is fairly easy to start a blog, it’s a colossal undertaking to create any traffic and to take advantage of your hard work. To build up the audience and hit mass penetration with the writing, you need laser-focus and determination. It takes time and it takes long and long nights to melt the spring oil.

 Keep it from me. I may revel in the warm glow of popularity as a writer who has set up a wide audience for hundreds of thousands of visitors monthly. Yet I can’t lounge around for too long celebrating my blog’s privacy and passive profits. Each blog will die off without continually adding insatiable content.

So, what does a good blog take to start and eventually make money online? That depends, I suppose, on what you think is good and what you think money is made. Unless you intend to haul them in, like millions of other blogs you would have a long way to go.

So if you’re willing to devote time and money, so you can keep up (so yeah, I said years), you ‘re probably going to produce a big income on-line. Yes, the blog is undoubtedly one of the best ways for producing passive revenue, because if handled properly, it will draw the right consumers regardless of the sector or niche in which you might be.

Well, if you are new to it. You can start from Blogger! Let’s help you make it work as it is totally free(if it is a hosted account).

1. Make an account on

Click here to directly visit

2. Click on Create your blog

Google let’s you directly sign in and start with a name and how it should look(We skipped that step here)

3. View the Dashboard

Once you reach the dashboard you have your blog ready to run.

You have all your admin settings on the left screen and you can simply put it to work!

4. Earning tab to generate Revenue through your blog

Blogger does not have any of its own advertising platforms so it uses Adsense to generate Ads and ultimately money!

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You need to start off by selecting below points:

  • Pick a Topic for your blog
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Setup Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • Learn SEO the Right Way
  • Regulary Build Useful Content
  • Build a Lead Magnet
  • Build a Digital Product and Position Your Offers
  • Get Social
  • Market Your Content 
  • Monetize Your Content

It is not as simple as it looks but you’ll catch it if you are truly passionate about it.

Do reach us out by commenting below if you have any doubts!

How to earn money online on Blogger?

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