How to check if your website is Adsense ready?

    How to check if your website is Adsense ready?

    There are many ways to get money from Google, starting with AdSense monetization. There are some significant things to learn if your website is ready to start earning.

    You ‘re prepared to earn Google money? If so then you’ll want your website to be ready and to start placing ads on your website before requesting Google AdSense. Google may not approve your site for Google AdSense otherwise. When you want to be prepared with Google AdSense for your website, you can see a checklist of items, to begin with.

    How to check if your website is Adsense ready?

    Was your website a good experience for your users?

    Whether you have created a blog, a forum or a static website, the site must be ready for visitors to experience efficiency. This means providing useful, esthetically pleasing and engaging content for your guests.

    Google would look for elements of user experience such as clarity and trust, ease of navigation and quick-page loading times as well as high-quality content. Make sure your contact information (your names, contact type, and email address at the very least) is given easily available, a simple navigation bar and a site your loads as fast as you can.

    Check your website to see how quickly it loads and what components can trigger load times to your page. This tool helps you to check your website on your desktop and mobile browsers to fix any issues that may affect your user experience.

    Which kind of content your website has?

    Google is a family-friendly AdSense network. The publishers agree that the Google network will give brand marketers, CPC and CPM high quality, and cover a wide variety of topics.

    All our policies are structured to ensure that we retain trust in our network, both among the editor and the advertiser. For more information about the types of materials that are prohibited about our network, see the general Google AdSense policy or the Google AdSense Content Policy.

    You will not be able to monetize your platform using AdSense when you have content that contravenes our policies.

    Does your site comply with all Google Webmaster Guidelines?

    One of the pitfalls in which certain site owners try to study ways to make money on websites is to find poor advice about how to market their websites. You should follow Google Webmaster guidelines if your objective is Google money via Google Adsense.

    In short, these guidelines provide a standard for site owners to properly advance their sites with tools provided by Google (for example the Google Search Console and Google Analytics), quality content and organic links against the schemes of links.

    Does your site has a privacy policy?

    Something that other site owners do not know of is a privacy policy unless they are asked. It is a page on the website detailing how their data can be accessed or used when other applications such as Google AdSense, Google Analytics and other services can be used.

    Google recommends establishing a privacy policy that discloses all Google data usage on your site or provides a significant link to How Google uses the data page on your site.

    Google also recommends that all third-party providers, including Google, who use cookies to advertise and warn the user that they are able to opt-out of the third party ad service will create a notice in the privacy policy.

    You recommend that you use the Network Advertising Initiative as a tool to learn how to develop a privacy protection policy for yourself. The FAQ offers a response to how comprehensive the privacy policy will be.

    Good practices to combat Google AdSense infringements?

    Here are some of the most common policy breaches you can easily stop and use Google Adsense to pay for your website.

    • Don’t click on your AdSense ads on Google or invite visitors to click your AdSense ads on Google.
    • Don’t get traffic from other sources, such as paid-to-click services, intrusive emails and automatic display ads.
    • Don’t change AdSense code to inflate ad output artificially.
    • Don’t add too many AdSense ad units to a website and in some cases do not use AdSense, such as pop-ups, emails or apps.
    • Your website may not perform such user experiences, for example, redirects to inappropriate websites initiates downloads, malware includes or contains pop-ups that hinder the user’s ability to visit the site.

    Click here to sign up for Google AdSense and go to their Support centre to learn more about getting started if you believe your website is ready to make money from Google AdSense.

    How to check if your website is Adsense ready?

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