Google Classroom: How to use Guide?

Google Classroom: How to use Guide?

Google Classroom helps teachers to create an online classroom and handle all of the information their students require. Teachers will render tasks within the course, accomplished by their students and workaround.

Where can I sign for classroom?

You can sign up for the classroom with one of the following accounts depending on your learning setting:

  • School account — This account is maintained by an accredited institution, also known as a G Suite for Education account. This looks like [email protected] Ask your instructor or IT supervisor at the school if you don’t know the specifics of your Education G Package.
  • Google Account Personal — Create either you or your parent or caregiver. You can have a Google user account in the school setting, for example in a home school or a club. It seems like [email protected]
  • G Suite account — Create by an administrator of your company. It looks like [email protected]

How to use Google Classroom on computer?

1. Go to and click Go to Classroom

2. Enter the email address for your Classroom account and click Next.

3. Enter your password and click Next.

  • If there is a welcome message, review it and click Accept.
  • If you’re using a G Suite for Education account, click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher.
    Note: Users with personal Google Accounts won’t see this option.

4. Click Get Started.

Google Classroom: How to use Guide?

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