Google AdSense: Issues and solution to those problems

Google AdSense: Issues and solution to those problems, there are hundreds of issue that occurs to a publisher and we help you find a solution to it!

There are many ways to monetise the traffic of your website; most of them are linked to third-party advertising products or services. Many programs can nowadays help you earn money, but Google AdSense is the most popular.

Inaugurated by Google in mid-2003, this program is the most popular online advertising program. It gives webmasters and site owners a good opportunity to monetize their traffic-Google pays its publishers more than $10 billion every year. If you have wondered, ‘What is AdSense, and how do I make AdSense money?

But with hundreds of dollars comes thousand of issues that put publishers in concern, in this article today we will be discussing those issues and if those issues are not there on this list comment down and we will help you fix it!

What is Google AdSense?

It is very straightforward. You create an AdSense account, insert a little code into your website pages – all you need to do is start it out. In accordance with its proprietary algorithms, Google can show targeted advertising on your site that is either related to your website content or to the previous search by users.

You are going to begin clicking on these advertisements on your website and – most importantly – you are getting paid for them. Google AdSense is cost-per-click and income-sharing. This means your key job is to make as many clicks as possible on those advertisements.

Tip: Do not attempt to cheat Google and increase the number of clicks artificially. Do not facilitate visitors to your website to click advertisements and, preferably, in any conditions, do not click on your own advertising. Google has a very precise and complex click fraud prevention system. When you find a suspect on your website or if you have any questions about traffic quality and clicks, your account can be suspended.

1. Account suspension for policy violation(s)

Google need publishers to strictly follow their policy in order to keep their account running if google finds any policy violation on your site they may temporarily suspend your account or in severe cases they, may ban you permanently.

The major reason for this policy violation is invalid traffic.

Account suspension for invalid traffic


How to fix this issue?

  • Google doesn’t mind you getting direct traffic from different sites usually by Ads or similar marketing strategy (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tiktok ads etc) but they mind the source from where you bring these.
  • Filter your traffic in such a way that the number of organic traffic is always higher than direct traffic.
  • Stop clicking your own ads. (They may ban you permanently if you do so, Once banned you can never get it back!)
  • Check if you are following all the policies from googles, click on this link to explore google policies.

2. Ad serving has been limited

The ad limits problem usually occurs when your traffic source is not really organic but is based on other direct references, such as social media and blog directories.


Google AdSense: Issues and solution to those problems

Keep calm if you have direct traffic and focus on getting organic traffic. You do not fear anything unless you are guilty. The Adsense team will take some time to analyze your traffic for a while and see if those ad clicks are organic or self-clicks.

You do not need to close or make any changes to your Adsense account. Before you got restricted, let everything be as it was.

How to fix this issue?

  • Strictly stop clicking on your own ads, or stop telling your friends, neighbours, family to click on the ads.
  • Filter your traffic and increase organic traffic.
  • Make sure your ad placement is well and you are not forcing your visitors to mistakenly click on your ads.
  • Make sure your CTR is always less than 5% as this is considered to be the best ratio over the blogs and websites

3. Valuable inventory: Scraped content

If you do not consent to this, the platform will be known more as “advertising,” which is the reason why AdSense does not monetize the content which promotes a company. If you have been accepted, you would end up with advertising for rivals, which is actually directly targeted at your platform, you may lose a sale in return as a seller.

valuable inventory

How to fix this issue?

  • Stop writing duplicate contents.
  • Don’t use auto-generated (computer-generated contents)
  • Google can’t serve ads on Business blogs/ websites so it’s a no as well.
  • Your content is not valuable.
  • Write original valuable content.

4. Your site isn’t ready to show ads

This simply means your site is new and doesn’t have enough content where google can host ads to get you paid.

show ads

How to fix this issue?

  • Get at least 20 quality contents before applying.
  • The ad code is missing or incomplete in the blog.
  • Your site is unreachable, maybe down or blocked for google crawlers.
  • Your site has policy violations and you need to fix it first.

If you have other issues and need help for getting them resolved, comment down and we will help you!

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Google AdSense: Issues and solution to those problems

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