Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp: How To Send One?

    Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp: How To Send One?

    Although most of our chats with WhatsApp are with friends and family, sometimes we use them to talk to people we do not know about like local shops. Since we do not really need non-personal conversations, the best thing is to send messages that disappear for a clean inbox.

    WhatsApp supports the chat autodestruction mode. If you use something with a certain party or chat, the texts and the recipient’s phone are both automatically washed out within a week. Here’s how to get there.

    Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp: How To Send One?

    Next, make sure you’re on your phone from the Play Store and the app store on your iPhone for the new WhatsApp update.

    Now, open the “WhatsApp” app on your iPhone or Android device and enter the group or private chat you want to set on self-destruct in the “Chats” tab.

    Visit the chats tab on WhatsApp

    Tap the recipient or group’s name at the top of the conversation to visit their profile page.

    Open a contact's profile on WhatsApp

    Select “Disappearing messages.”

    Disappearing messages option on WhatsApp

    Note: In a group, only admins have the right to edit this setting.

    Toggle the “On” option to enable disappearing messages for this chat.

    Enable disappearing messages in WhatsApp chats

    Now, any text or media sent in this conversation by you or the other person will be deleted after a week. At the time of writing, there’s no way of customizing the time period.

    Messages exchanged before this change won’t be affected, though. You can turn the disappearing messages feature off by returning to this same option.

    Disappearing messages note in WhatsApp chat

    When it’s enabled, WhatsApp will notify the recipient and add a tiny clock icon over the chat’s display picture thumbnail.

    WhatsApp disappearing messages icon

    However, be careful not to prevent chat participants from screenshotting conversations or helping the media anywhere else. Furthermore, there is still an alternative to export chat.

    Thus the self-destruct mode for WhatsApp is just for the routine clearing of unwanted messages in your inbox, rather than for confidential and private communications.

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