Disabling the Preview Notification of Whatsapp

    Disabling the Preview Notification of Whatsapp

    Learn how to disable a message overview on Whatsapp with simple steps.

    Can you ring your own pulse as you send your phone to somebody? Should you worry about the news that children play games on their mobile

    If you have a smartphone and use Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp apps, your personal data is almost everywhere. your personal information is available. It happens that a series of push messages from Whatsapp with personal messages appear to popup while you are sat in a group of friends.

    We know if you would like to see a clean lock screen, particularly without a Note from Whatsapp. You can not only have personal messages but also confidential information like bank data, personal information, etc. in your Whatsapp Update Post.

    On your Android or iOS phone, you will deactivate the Whatsapp message preview.

    Here is how you can disable Notification Message previews for Whatsapp on your Android phones

    disable Whatsapp Notification Message preview for android

    Our anonymity is the only thing we can be concerned about. Protect confidential details from the updates of Whatsapp messages that are quickly seen to other users. You will prevent the messages from being read, including the identity of the sender. If you follow the steps below. This is how you can deactivate android alerts-

    • Go straight to your device’s settings
    • Go to the Main interface then press the ‘Whatsapp’ option.
    • Tap Notifications as the next screen appears
    • You will find a toggle option of ‘Hide Notification Center’, turn it on

    Disable Notification previews for Whatsapp messages on iOS devices

    disable Whatsapp Notification Message preview for iOS

    Whatsapp previews on iOS devices have 2 different ways to disable Whatsapp notification

    • Unable your Overview of Updates for Whatsapp messages by going to your iPhone’s Settings menu. You can see a ‘Notifications’ option in your settings menu, press it. ‘Never’ and When Locked’ options are available. Pick the alternative that you want, and you’re going to be ready to go!
    • The second approach is to open your Whatsapp application on your iPhone or another iOS device such as an iPad. Tap the settings, From the list of options tap on Notifications. You will then discover a toggle next to the option ‘Show Previews’.

    That’s it! You should pass your phone to others after taking these measures without being afraid of reading your own personal messages.

    Disabling the Preview Notification of Whatsapp

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