Create & start a blog/website in just $2

Create & start a blog/website in just $2, a quick tutorial to get your site up in just $2, build it today! get yourself online.

Finally, are you ready this year to create your own website? Nice, you can learn how to make your own website in this article, and we are going to cover it step by step so that you can get it up and run quickly. Whether building a web site, a hobby, your business, or an e-commerce store, typically involves the same basic steps so all of us will be protected.

Create & start a blog/website in just $2

Do not worry, I will explain each step, but that is the broad outline we will cover with the article. You will first receive a hosting account and then you will receive your domain name.

To know more about Hosting and Domain read this article.

1. Buy best hosting service

We are tied up with InterServer and hence we can help you get their best service at the cheapest rate, to purchase click on the below image.

2. Buy a Domain

We know how much your brand matters to you and hence we can help you get your favourite domain at a minimum cost to start your journey. Click on below image to purchase.

You will get the same for less than $2, you are now good to go!

I suggest you use a CMS like WordPress as it is simple to use and you won’t need development skills to work on it. Also, you will wonder why I prefer using the WordPress platform, because you have much more versatility with this platform, and it is very simple to use, and if you are using it for a couple of minutes, then our website will have a home, a blog and a co-operation.

These are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Sign up for web hosting (we recommend InterServer).
  2. Choose a hosting plan.
  3. Pick a domain name for your blog/website from Namecheap.
  4. Complete your hosting registration.
  5. Install WordPress.
  6. Log in and write your first blog post.

Broad ideas on the niche you can write blogs on:

  • Recipes
  • Politics
  • Global warming
  • Parenthood
  • Beginner’s guides to anything!
  • Overcoming adversity or illness
  • Life experiences
  • Products or service reviews
  • Family
  • Gaming
  • Travel experiences
  • Educational
  • Charity
  • Activism
  • Music
  • Celebrities
  • Personal Stories
  • Jokes and Humor
  • Myths
  • History
  • Sports

After purchasing both you will have to connect your domain to your hosting service and now you are good to go!

Let us know if this worked for you & comment if you face any issue.

Create & start a blog/website in just $2

Rajat Singh
Rajat Singh is the chief Author at Bioinformatics India, he has been writing for the past 3 years and has a special interest in SEO, Technology, Health, Life Sciences and gaming.

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