Cloud Life Sciences enters the space

Cloud Life Sciences enters the space, Cloud Life Sciences (formerly Google Genomics) supports the biomedical data processing ecosystem to a large extent. Cloud Life Sciences is cost-effective and allows you to analyze data and to repeat findings while GCP is taking care of the rest.

Google is one of the best service companies in the world, their goal is very much inclined to cover maximum shares in almost everything in the globe be online advertising technologiessearch enginescloud computing, phones, software, and hardware, etc. Now it has also entered Life science with no one as before.

From Genomics to Life Sciences

A collection of resources and tools for the management, analysis, and transformation of life sciences data is Cloud Life Sciences. It also enables advanced insights and operational workflows using an infrastructure that is very scalable and consistent. Cloud Life Sciences offers apps like the Cloud Life Sciences API, ETL software, and more.

For life sciences and academic research institutions

Use open standards, bioinformaticians, create what you want and not just what you need. Researchers are speeding up the work, asking questions and sharing information in a safe online environment. IT professionals rest assured that you have the resources to meet the application specifications, secure data and ensure device reliability.

Support for top workflow engines

Many of the most popular workflow engines run on GCP toolboxes, including Cromwell, Nextflow and Galaxy.

Data sharing that makes sense

Your data is critical for the world of life sciences. You can better manage access and use of your information using GCP by storing it in a warehouse in which your customers can conveniently be paid operating, network and recovery costs.

Information security and compliance

GCP offers secure security information designed to meet or exceed HIPAA and secure health information standards. Depicted through our HIPAA arrangement with business partners and available to the Cancer Cloud Pilot Institute through the FedRAMP ATO.

From raw data to robust analysis with Variant Transforms

Variant Transforms is an open-source platform to load and transform raw VCF data for advanced research applications. To load massive amounts of raw VCF data, use Variant Transforms, validate it for incoherence and then convert it into BigQuery for ML access and powerful analysis.

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