7 Tips to check if your technology is safe

7 Tips to check if your technology is safe

Advances in modern technology are also making us safer — not only can new types of password protection help secure our digital files and records, advances in voice recognition and management control, even make our computers and homes safer.

But what if everything you are presented is not true? We’ll in this article today we will show you 7 different tips to ensure if the technology you are using is safe.

1. Is your technology using Encryption?

As remote computer hacking becomes a major focus, marrying data with a local hard drive – or better still, with a small number of drives – might be the best way to secure information from any person or organization. Your information is encrypted with hardware and software-based data encryption systems so that only approved parties can locate it and read it.

The data is encrypted in such a manner that the company itself cannot break the code. Sounds good?

Example: WhatsApp encrypts all the data you share from your phone.

2. Can you delete your data or track if you lost the technology

Even if the device is not placed, you can protect all the valuable data stored on a specific computer. You can find your missing device and lock your hard drive on the trusted second device by phone or the Web using new free applications (e.g. Prey) and paid software (e.g. Norton).

If you have very important data and cannot afford to lose it, a brand like Stellar help you ensure you get what is needed.

Stellar is the world’s foremost Data Care corporation, with expertise in Data Recovery, Data Erasure, Mailbox Conversion, and File Repair software and services.

3. Please place your thumb

Heard of fingerprint password?

Traditionally access was provided by a typed password to a secure personal computer. Now, several devices come with a fingerprint scan option to unlock.

Hackers may be able to guess your password, but reproducing your fingerprint would be very difficult for them! Until and unless it’s a James bond movie.

4. Oh my Face

Facial recognition is smart and cool. Even I find it cool when my OnePlus unlocks by itself without any password. Nah, I mean I don’t need to actually type a password.

Initially, when this technology was introduced it had a lot of bugs but not it scans a lot of features to ensure it’s you. Don’t keep your eyes close while setting it up.

5. Using the additional device for authentication

Make sure that you have access to technology while using another computer to double the protection of your personal data. The True Key application also enables you to program your mobile device as a ‘key’ needed for the laptop or tablet to be released.

Almost every technology today comes with a Twofactor authentication (2FA) if your technology doesn’t provide it. It’s time to call it a non-tech product 🙂

6. Alerts

When an intruder enters your door, ADT home automation can send you immediate alerts to your mobile device, whether you are in the house or miles away from the house, to ensure the protection of your household. You can then take the required precautions.

Even when you access your technology from a new device you should set an alert that your account has been accessed.

7. Do I need an Antivirus?

Yes, if your system contains any data which is important to you and you would not wish a hacker should have access to it, mostly having an antivirus is a better option.

It is usually cheap to get an antivirus with multi-layer protection like Norton Antivirus which comes around INR 899 only. You might need it to ensure you are safe.

Let us know if we missed something. Share to show us love. 7 Tips to check if your technology is safe

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