5 Top Growth Tips as a Technical Leader in 2021

    5 Top Growth Tips as a Technical Leader in 2021

    It is not to be denied that 2020 was a tough year for technology leaders. Tech teams were asked to provide more with limited resources confronting a global pandemic and a change in the working climate.

    We have listed below the top tips for technology leaders for 2021 following events and key lessons in 2020, to help them navigate and cultivate team progress in this new year.

    Take stock of your competency

    2020 has changed the landscape of the technology industry. What was supposed to happen in years was in a matter of months unexpectedly.

    As a tech leader who monitors trends and the know-how that you will need year-round, you will track how those skills can be applied to potential opportunities.

    Practice Emotional Intelligence

    When operating in a remote environment, emotional intelligence as a technology leader is important.

    Talking to your team through the computer rather than face to face in those ‘water cooler’ periods in your office will make it much more difficult to see how your team members feel.

    5 Top Growth Tips as a Technical Leader in 2021

    Practicing emotional intelligence will help you to handle both your own and your technology team’s emotions, to keep your morale high, to enhance communication – a key in a virtual world – and to stress the value of your team.

    Context management

    Context management is a managerial ability that is necessary for 2020, and still needs to be improved in 2021.

    With the office environment shifting to a virtual venue, as technology teams now work remotely, tech leaders must also change their management style to manage time and the situation (to the best of your ability).

    Planing and planning with your team when you work together and when you work independently eliminates the side effects of remote work like ‘Zoom Fatigue’ and is potentially productive for your team in this working environment.

    Build resilience

    The past year has shown that it is impossible to predict the future. It’s not possible to predict what’s going to happen in 2021.

    Building resilience within the technology team helps your team members deal with this degree of complexity and encourages a culture of adaptability that can be extremely helpful in times of unpredictability.

    Rethinking and Reset

    The coming of a new year provides the chance for a new beginning. As a technology leader, it is important to think about what worked and what didn’t work in order to develop processes and solutions. Being retrospective of your accomplishments in the last year and how you have improved your skills will allow you to prepare for the next year effectively.

    The principle of ‘resetting’ is also hand in hand with contemplation. See the new year as an opportunity to refresh, set new targets, challenge the team, and step forward from 2020.

    If you are a technology leader who wants to recruit a talented technology professional into your squad, get in contact today!

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