Winter Solstice Great Conjunction: Google Doodle – 21st December

Winter Solstice Great Conjunction: Google Doodle – 21st December

Winter Solstice 2020: The Winter Solstice coincides on December 21 with the special astronomical occurrence, the Jupiter and Saturn “Great Conjunction

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Google Doodle today observes the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night of the year, an occurrence where one of the poles of the Planet is as tilted as possible from the Sun.

The Latin solstitium, which means “solstice” was originated with the word “sun stands still” Winter Solstice takes place in the Northern Hemisphere from 19 to 23 December. It’s December 21 this year.

Since the winter solstice, with the population of the northern hemisphere, days become longer and nights shorter. For citizens of the southern hemisphere, the opposite is happening.

The Winter Solstice this year is coinciding with a rare, celestial occasion – the Jupiter and Saturn “Great Conjunction”

On Monday Excess, Saturn and Jupiter will appear closer in the evening sky in almost 800 years in remarkable celestial conjunction. Until 2080, they will not appear similar.

The animated Google Doodle shows a wonderful link between the Saturn and Jupiter meet for a quick 5 and the Winter Solstice when the World practically “snow-capped” stares at the other two planets.

Often regarded as the “Great Conjunction” the “Christmas Star of 2020.” between Jupiter and Saturn.

NASA says that “the two planets will appear just a tenth of a degree apart” In the next 60 years, that is, after 2080, this occurrence will not happen again.

It’s almost four hundred years from now that the celestial display “since the planets passed this close to each other in the sky, and nearly 800 years since the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter occurred at night,” says NASA.

Connections of the two main planets in our solar system are not very rare, according to astronomers. Every 20 years Jupiter passes through the sun in his neighbor Saturn. But the astronomical phenomenon today is particularly close: Jupiter and Saturn will only be one-tenth of the diameter of a full moon or around one-fifth of our perspective. And if the atmosphere helps, then a little after sunset the planets around the globe can become clearly visible.

On 15 March 2080, the planets will be relatively similar. In a tweet, the Director of MP Birla Planetarium, Debi Prasad Duari, says that their physical distance will be around 735 million km on the night of December 21.

Winter Solstice Great Conjunction: Google Doodle – 21st December

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