Why lifting lockdown in India is a bad idea?

Why lifting lockdown in India is a bad idea? What could be the possible consequences of lifting the lockdown in populated cities like Mumbai and Delhi?

On 27 April, Prime Minister Narendra Modi via a video conference met with the Chief Ministers of the states to discuss a further solution to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This was the fourth meeting with Chief Ministers since the outbreak of COVID-19 in India.

Why lifting lockdown in India is a bad idea?

The lockdown was investigated and a potential escape plan addressed during the conference, according to the media reports.

A phased and quite piecemeal elevation of restrictions with the lowest curbing conditions is likely to replace the national lockout for green or low prevalence areas or for districts with Covid 19 cases, though tough requirements will continue in red areas currently covering major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Official sources said that, depending on the situation in a certain area, most States wanted to continue the lockdown. Green areas can witness the fragmented lifting of constraints while tough stipulations remain in red areas such as Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Why lifting lockdown is a bad idea?

India has shut down its $2.9 billion economies and closed its businesses to more than a billion citizens and issued strict domestic residence orders. Transport networks for air, road and rail have been suspended.

India’s economy is falling harshly and central government needs to take hold of that by finding a solution to kick start the businesses that are at least keep the table running.

Since the Covid-19 was detected in the country, 29,974 positive cases are detected 7,027 recovered and around 937 dead as of when this article is published. Since India still lacks in controlling and keeping actual stats of its citizens it can be considered that the actual report could be worse.

By the right decision of PM Modi, a serious shutdown certainly slowed the disease down. But adequate data on the virus transmissibility or even on the number of people infected and recovered to establish adequate herd immunity is quite impossible to get.

If the lockdown is lifted on 3rd May as planned, could lead to a huge increment in the disease transmission as cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bangalore are overpopulated and it can result in very severe misfortune.

Assuming even if a single person goes out of the house to work and gets the disease transmitted to them it can easily spread to the family members and since there is no vaccine available yet there is no solution to this problem and a lot of lives can be lost within a couple of days.

People living in Mumbai are already aware of the rush in the places all the time such as locals, stations, rickshaw/taxi stands etc.

Maybe, slightly lifting these lockdowns isn’t a good idea for at least these major cities. Hope the government takes the decision wisely.

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