Who is Vinay Reddy, the speechwriter of Joe Biden?

Who is Vinay Reddy, the speechwriter of Joe Biden?

The speaker of Joe Biden is an Indian American first generation living in New York and working for the new chief commander, reports said on Wednesday.

The Hindustan Times announced that Vinay Reddy was the speaker on the Biden Transition Team and that he was also a Senior Adviser and Voice Writer for the team’s campaign for the Wednesday ceremony.

Earlier, Reddy had stopped writing U.S. speeches. Environmental Conservation Agency, Health and Human Services Department, and Obama-Biden reelection campaign.

He also served as Vice President of Strategic Affairs for the National Basketball Association, following Biden’s role as Chief Speaker in his second term as Vice President of the Obama-Biden White House.

Reddy was born in Ohio, but his family originates from a village in Telangana Pothiredddypeta, Karimnagar, India. Narayana Reddy’s father began his life in the United States in 1970 after completing medical school in Karimnagar.

Reddy’s grandfather Thirupathi Reddy served as village chief, and the family still owns acres of land in their country, regularly visiting it.

Reddy now lives with his wife and two daughters in New York.

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