What do you do when your neighbour tests COVID-19 positive?

What do you do when your neighbour tests COVID-19 positive?

The odds of a coronavirus-positive patient are extremely high with the current coronavirus constantly circulating at a breakneck (infecting more than 23 million people across the globe).

We have entered the point of positive coronavirus cases in our localities 9 months into the pandemic. What would you do if anyone is tested positive for the latest coronavirus in your apartment building or if your next neighbour is contaminated with the contagion?

While it is common to suffer from fear and stress over the infection, strict observance of fundamental social distance requirements and respiratory hygienic measures becomes all the more relevant. It is time for vigilance to protect your own and your loved ones. It is time for treatment.

1. Do not take the elevator until necessary

Strict implementation of social distancing measures will take place to ensure that only two individuals (from separate households) share the lift. Even, if you can, miss the lift and use the staircase as much as you can. Keep the physical duration as long as you share the lift.

2. Don’t walk out without a face cover

Recent studies indicate that the airborne transmission of the latest coronavirus, in particular in closed areas, is still possible.


While this may not be a big method of disease transmission, wear a facial mask that suits your face once you leave home is always highly recommended. You may also wear unmounted gloves to prevent touching stairs and the door.

3. Clean and disinfect high contact surfaces

You can also clean with a strong degrading tool all high-touch surfaces from your doorknobs, tabletops, light-changers, handles or bed-frames on either side of your door (especially the main door).

4. Keep your hands away from you

The golden rule never truly changes in the end. It is necessary to keep your hands away from your face, besides social distancing measures and using security equipment. Care to not touch your face knowingly.

5. Just know what you’re doing outside

It is incredibly important to be aware of what you are handling, no matter if it is your envelope, the lift buttons or the staircase railings.

Whenever you need to leave your home and sanitize your hands right away after touching something, bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you.

6. Take additional precautions

It’s best to take steam for five minutes or two times a day and gargle with warm water at least once a day while your immediate neighbour is testing favourably on this new coronavirus.

You may also include immunity-enhancing beverages such as home-made kadha in your diet plan to keep your immune system up and running.

If you are unsure, get yourself tested as well.

What do you do when your neighbour tests COVID-19 positive?

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