West Bengal to start Plasma therapy clinical trials next week

West Bengal to start Plasma therapy clinical trials next week, In the first group of patients to be cured, in Monami Biswas, Bengal is set to launch clinical trials on convalescent plasma immunization therapy for critical COVID-19 patients from the next week.

In the course of the treatment, the dose of blood plasma from the patients that have been retrieved has been injected into a patient. The theory is that the plasma of a recovered person contains antibodies which can combat novel coronavirus in particular. If successful, therapy might also be used to immunize people at high risk, such as health workers and physicians, other than patient families.

The studies are conducted by the CSIR-Indian Chemical Biological Institute (IICB), Kolkata and the government of Bengal.

On Thursday, when she was contacted by the health department to seek her assistance, Biswas celebrated its 24th birthday at home in Habra.

Plasma therapy - West Bengal to start Plasma therapy clinical trials next week

She was asked to provide a sample of her blood that could extract plasma for testing. She agreed straight away.

At the call from the Bengal Department of Health Monami Biswas had celebrated her 24th birthday on Thursday at her home in Habra. She said a “yes” to the state’s request without fighting an eyelid. In clinical trials for the CSIR-Bengal government, Monami has volunteered to donate blood plasma for critical Covi-19 patients, planned for beginning last week, to a convalescent plasma immunization program.

On her return to Kolkata early last month COVID-19-positive was detected by Monami Biswas, a management student at Edinburgh University, Scotland. After completing its 21 days after hospital release, she is now eligible to donate plasma (she returned home on 31 March). “I am very glad that I can help researchers and scientists to heal patients in Covid-19. I read about it, and I want to be part of it” she said to TOI.

The IICB immunologist Dipyaman Ganguly, acting as the project coordinator and lead investigator, says: “”Reclaimed patients are an asset and their help to passively immunize other patients can save many lives.” ‘Any person whose body is effective with the generation of this antibody in response to infections and who has enough antibodies circulating in the blood fights and recovers better’ he explained. 

In addition to Ganguly, a hand-picking team of CSIR and the Government of Bengal will be involved in the project to help the restorative system to better equip this second group with anticuerpos derived from recovered patients. Yogiraj Ray is also part of this project and Professor Bibhuti Saha, head of STM Tropic Medicine, is an Assistant Professor at the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine (STM) Biswanath Sharma Sarcar, professor and head of the Department of Beliaghata ID Medicine and also a front line team at Beliaghata ID Hospital.

Saha is also a member of a committee of state experts. The project will also include Sandip Paul, an expert in bioinformatics and biostatistics and Shilpak Chatterjee, an IICB immunologist. According to State, under the supervision of Prasun Bhattacharya, head of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion Department at Medical College of Hospital, all plasma donations will be made. “Initiatives to promote this therapy have already been taken for CSIR and ICMR throughout the country,” Ganguly said.

“CSIR in collaboration with clinicians working in designated COVID hospitals has already approached the government of Bengal to initiate this program. The proposal was adopted by Bengal and the preparations for this approach were begun by scientists from IICB and doctors of the ID Hospital and Calcutta Medical College. A similar trial in Kerala was approved by ICMR. In several other hospitals in India, there are more such programs.

West Bengal to start Plasma therapy clinical trials next week. Keep following us for the latest news.

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