US / India partnership on COVID-19 vaccine

    US / India partnership on the COVID-19 vaccine – Serum Institute of India takes the lead to develop a live-attenuated vaccine against the emergent coronavirus.

    Codagenix, a US clinical-stage synthetic biology firm, has entered into a partnership with India’s Serum Institute to rapidly co-develop a live attenuated coronavirus vaccine.

    The newness of coronavirus, now known as COVID-19 has no reported vaccine or therapeutics. A live attenuated vaccine has many benefits, including the mounting and mass production skills of an immune response to the several antigenes.

    In order to synthesize “reasonably,” live-attuned vaccines, Codagenix uses viral deoptimization. Thanks to important developments in genome sequence speed and quality in recent years, the nCoV genome became available to the public within several days after the virus was initially isolated, in addition to open-source data sharing between science and public health agencies worldwide.

    Codagenix’s own patented deoptimization technology has now developed multiple genome candidates for nCoV vaccinations. According to use in clinical trials, the vaccine viruses are then grown and tested in vivo in contracted containment laboratories.

    The Serum Institute is expanding the development of the vaccine

    The Serum Institute of India, a major manufacturer of vaccines, is then to scale up vaccine development to ensure the supply of the vaccine to fulfill crucial needs for public health. In order to increase efficiency and chance of success, Codagenix and the Serum institute follow the rapid development path with built-in redundancies.

    “We are excited about this new Codagenix collaboration and hope to develop a forum for emerging infectious diseases and outbreaks that will continue with the coronavirus epidemic, says Dr. Adar Poonwalla, Chief Executive Officer of the Serum Institute.”

    “We are honored to form a collaboration with the Serum Institute, one of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers. With the Serum Institute’s financial and technical support, we will be able to push a coronavirus vaccine into the clinic on an extremely rapid timeline.

    Live-attenuated vaccines like the ones developed by Codagenix are ideally suited to outbreak scenarios as they scale rapidly and generally require only modest amounts of active ingredient for each immunization, as compared to inactivated and subunit vaccines. We are proud to be confronting this public health crisis head-on,” said J Robert Coleman, CEO of Codagenix.

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