Traffic cop’s misconduct Who to blame?

    Traffic cop’s misconduct Who to blame? How Mumbai traffic police misuse their power by just clicking the photos and sending challans to its citizens. How does the victim even defend themselves?

    The recent development in the Mumbai Traffic system

    Parking is a huge issue in Major cities of India, especially places like Mumbai where vehicles are more normal than humans around. Being one of the biggest cities in the country, Mumbai manages to make a living for more than 20,411,274 people. Even though India is considered as poor country 32 lakh vehicles are registered in Mumbai itself until 2018.

    Cars at no parking

    Mumbai being the financial capital, citizens across the country travel to Mumbai daily and trust me the numbers are more than the population of Singapore itself. If they don’t belong to the lower middle class they never come without their personal vehicles and trust me the car parking in Mumbai is more broken than its population.

    Even though taxpayers pay a lot of tax on their side to ensure the smooth activity of facilities provided to them by the government, the government never plans to organize the cities framework. Understanding the limitation of land availability in Mumbai & in society why there is no parking available at a minimum distance?

    No parking space

    Is the government assuming that the citizen would park his/her car 5 km away from the destination? Well, at least not in my case! If I’m visiting my relative’s place in Andheri I would not park my vehicle at Goregoan for sure. Is it that hard to understand?

    Case of today

    A guy was stopped by the traffic police for no reason (this junction at Pumphouse (Andheri East)) does not have any signal. The guy was with a helmet on his head and definitely not carrying any weapons to make him vulnerable. Well, the policeman told him to take his helmet and clicked a photo and told him to go. What is this action supposed to mean?

    There are hundreds of possibility, I am not judging yet but there are similar actions noticed by me every day. Other than directly increasing the penalty chart by 100-600% why doesn’t the government spend money on spreading awareness in the city? I am sure Rickshawalas or other illiterate people cannot read rules on websites.

    The solution to the problem?

    A blossoming populace hurls any number of difficulties. One among these is space; an issue regularly ignored in the offer to give essential necessities. The land is a rare asset in the island city. While the city organization battles to make extra open spaces, it is totally neglectful of the goliath measure of ‘open space’ taken up via vehicles that serve just a couple thousand private proprietors.

    Private transportation swallows an enormous lump of open space as streets, and all the more so through stopping. Shouldn’t choices be taken a gander at for opening up the entirety of this space? Rather, we have recommendations to deconstruct existing parks under the pretense of ‘beautification’ and for the development of underground parking areas.

    The government should promote pay and park at least every 1km of any required area keeping in mind the popularity of the area!

    Hope my point is very much cleared, I wish to spread the same. Kindly share or repost the article. Keep following us for more news.

    Traffic cop’s misconduct Who to blame?

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