Things You Should Know About If You Smoke Cigarettes

No smoking day is usually observed on the second Wednesday of March every year. This year there will be no smoking day today i.e 10 March 2021.

No Smoking Day 2021: Smoking affects not just the lungs but the whole body. For many years it will raise the risk of various problems, although certain bodily effects are immediate. Therefore, every year there is no smoking day to raise awareness of the disastrous consequences of smoking.

No Smoking Day is a major event that mainly encourages smokers to stop smoking for their lives. The organizer also advises smokers not to smoke for at least one day for 24 hours.

In this article today, Let’s list down some of the major effects of smoking a cigarette.

  • Effect on the nervous system.
  • Effect on the respiratory system.
  • Effect on the cardiovascular system.
  • Effect on hair, skin, and nails.
  • Effect on the digestive system.
  • Effects on sexuality and genital organs.
  • Smoking will increase your stress and anxiety feelings.
  • Smoking ages the skin prematurely.
  • Smoking can make certain conditions more painful.
  • Smoking will make sleep harder.
  • Smoking can cause eye problems and vision.
  • Smoking will affect the capacity of your body to cure itself.
  • The risk of erectile dysfunction is increased by smoking.

Effect on the nervous system

Effect on the nervous system

The nicotine used in cigarettes affects your nervous system very badly. It enters your mind and makes you feel very busy for a while but once its influence comes to an end, you are exhausted and cigarette smoking begins again. When you’re nicotine-addicted, you feel a lot of trouble stopping smoking.

Effect on the respiratory system

Effect on the respiratory system

If you smoke, you take those chemicals into your lungs that harm your body. These losses increase every day by smoking tobacco, and as a result, there are many more issues. The risk of emphysema, chronic bronchitis, COPD, and lung cancer is increasing to cigarette smokers.

Effect on the cardiovascular system

cardiovascular system

Smoking spoils the whole cardiovascular system. Due to nicotine, the veins become very hard because of a blood flow problem. It triggers heart disease slowly. Blood pressure increases due to smoking, the blood vessels become weak and blood clots start. All this increases the risk of stroke.

Effect on hair, skin, and nails

After lung, smoking has the greatest impact on the integrative system. Therefore, there may be a noticeable difference in your skin. Smoking raises the risk of squamous cell carcinoma, according to a new report (skin cancer). Smoking produces a fungal infection in the nails and the hair falls quickly and becomes white.

Effect on the digestive system

digestive system

Smoking raises the risk of mouth, throat, and esophagus cancer. Most smoking people suffer from pancreatic cancer. Smoking also has an impact on insulin because of the likelihood that type 2 diabetes and its related risk can increase.

Smoking will increase your stress and anxiety feelings

Nicotine moves rapidly, sometimes in less than 10 seconds, to your brain when you smoke. It then releases adrenaline in your brain, which activates a normal ‘fight or flight’ reaction for your body – your heart rate and blood pressure are increasing, and blood flow to your heart slows down.

You may also experience fast, shallow respiration and a racing heartbeat. Both of these reactions can trigger stress and anxiety and aggravate existing stress and anxiety. Then if you have a cigarette at the end of the week, perhaps you have to reconsider your methods of relaxation.

Smoking ages the skin prematurely

 ages the skin prematurely

If vanity can persuade you not to smoke a night, you should know that smoking can accelerate your skin’s natural aging process. Smoking decreases the skin’s oxygen content, which in turn allows the skin to lose its elasticity. If you smoke, you will also get wrinkles three times more likely, particularly around your eyes and mouth.

Smoking can make certain conditions more painful

Studies have shown you can be more pain sensitive to smoking. Since nicotine affects your nervous system, the whole body’s nerve network may become confused after you smoke messages between your nerves and your brain. You might find that it hurts more than usual when you bump your elbow. Cigarette smoke can also lead you to headache and back pain if it’s not irritating enough.

Smoking will make sleep harder

Smoking will make sleep harder

Have you ever found it difficult to get to sleep when you smoked out at night? This is because nicotine speeds up your heart and can make you feel more alert, so when you want to go to sleep, you feel more awake. There are also good signs that smoking raises the chances of both snoring and sleep apnoea, meaning that it might not be so healthy when you fall asleep.

Smoking can cause eye problems and vision

You’re seeing me now, you’re not…

Studies relate smoking directly to two of the leading causes of vision loss – cataracts and macular degeneration. This is because tobacco chemicals slow blood flow and oxygen flows through your eyes. Nicotine also prevents the brain from developing Rhodopsin, the molecule that you must see at night.

Smoking will affect the capacity of your body to cure itself

All your body requires to recover is supplied through your bloodstream, including nutrients, minerals, and oxygen. Nicotine will tighten your blood vessels, which makes it very difficult for any good thing to cure your wounds. As a consequence, they will take longer to recover.

The risk of erectile dysfunction is increased by smoking

erectile dysfunction

For blocks, smoking will raise the risk of erectile dysfunction — if you can’t get or hold an erection. Remember when we said that the blood flow slows down and strains your blood vessels? Ok, you need a good blood supply to sustain an erection. No one wants to be let down when it’s time to go to a funky town, so stay away from cigarettes for everyone’s sake.

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