The ICMR list of antibody detection kits for serosurveys is available

The ICMR list of antibody detection kits for serosurveys is available

The apex health research body has so far approved three batches of ‘COVID Kavach ELISA IgG kits’ developed by Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

NEW DELHI: A validated list of IgG ELISA kits to be used for serosurveys has been published by the Indian Medical Research Board to identify the percentage of population subjected to COVID-19, including asymptomatic men. The IgG ELISA kits are the first autochthonous coronaviral antibody discovery devices.

So far, Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat has approved 3 batches of the ‘COVID Kavach ELISA IgG Packs.’

However, a Euroimmun Anti-SARS-COV-2 IgG batch from Euroimmun US Inc., USA, was approved with an Erbalisa COVID-19 batch from IgG ELISA produced by Calbiotech Inc., USA.

The Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) also pointed to the lot number and claimed that the producer is responsible for the quality of batch to batch.

For serum samples, IgG ELISA monitoring is recommended to identify the share of the population, including asymptomatic individuals, susceptible to the infection.

“The related public health strategies for disease prevention and control may be enforced based upon the degree of seroprevalence of infection,” said the research agency.

However, to know who has been contaminated over the last years and has now healed, it can be used to perform surveys over high-risk and susceptible communities, such as health staff, caucuses, immune impaired people, people in conflict areas.

In addition, the ICMR has supplied data to seven pharmaceutical firms to which the technology for the manufacture of COVID Kavach ELISA IgG indigenous kits for antibody detection of COVID-19 has been transferred.

The benefit of these test kits is that they check 90 samples in a single 2,5-hour cycle in order for health care providers to take the required next steps easily.

“The laboratory validity of the ELISA test is feasible, but the variance in field conditions could be needed in the performance of the tests,” said the ICMR.

Upon proper marketing clearance by the DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) IgG ELISA / CLIA testing authorised by US-FDA can be administered directly.

The ICMR list of antibody detection kits for serosurveys is available

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