The Actual Meaning of Atmanirbhar Bharat

The Actual Meaning of Atmanirbhar Bharat

Lets understand the situation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on 12 May that the condition of the world tells us nowadays that “Atmanirbhar Bharat’s only path” when he addressed the nation in the wake of the third lockdown. Waiting for information on the 4th lockdown extension, the PM chose to speak instead about a new business venture called ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan.’

The word “Aatmanirbhar” put a lot of people into a tizzy atmosphere and looks like people could not understand what it means.

In his speech the PM Modi also announced an economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore to help the country out of the coronavirus crisis, using the so-called “Athmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan” as an independent aid.

What does “Aatmanirbhar” mean, therefore? Self-reliance is the literal translation.

In the address to the nation, the Prime Minister said, “It is our responsibility to ensure that India is part of the 21st century.

He said the COVID-19 crisis has given “India a chance.” As a nation today we are at the critical turning point. India has been sent a message from this great tragedy, giving us a message and giving us a chance to remain self-reliant whose soul is ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,’ he said.

Sitting at home and just listening to the words and not understanding the meaning won’t take you far though.

In this article today, we will help you with some initial understanding of the term and actual meaning of the word “Atmanirbhar Bharat”. What are the best ideas the nation can follow?

India is one of the most powerful countries and its GDP is mostly inclined towards the service sector! Services sector itself contributes almost 53% of India’s overall GDP.

Does this mean we are not manufacturing enough? Yes, you can say that. Many of the products manufactured in India other than the medical sector is not even qualified for international sales or doesn’t meet foreign countries eligibility criteria to make and export.

Solution?? Yes, we can work on our manufacturing sector and enhance the quality of production. It was so easy writing it down here but its way hard on field.

Lets understand what we need to do.

Setup an Experimental Society

People in the country should always think about experimenting on some or other technology and make something out of it and that actually makes sense and helps solve a problem.

If workers are both eager and able to rapidly incorporate new technology, the factory is at its best. Skills help, but a culture of creativity also needs to be developed.

Recognize and honour workers who show effort in the development of new concepts or processes. You could even build an “Innovators Club” where management will identify and reward a business worker for helping to improve best practices every month.

Identify the most vulnerable areas

Let’s understand with an example. Here in Mumbai, people travel a lot around the city due to work or buying stuff etc.

Everyone knows that how Indian roads suck! Not only they are built well but they are highly equipped with huge swimming pools, for the vehicles that end up with an accident. The local government always ensures that you can never enjoy the full speed of your rickshaw.

This means people are not serious about the quality of their work. If you take your PM serious you would want to focus on effort as well. Take note of the shortcomings of the management and share the efficiency figures and relevant financial information with your manager.

Then ask the staff how to connect the trout. Take the best of the entries and give the “winners” a little time to focus on their side projects. Accordingly, the accomplishments of the Reward.

This is very simple when take your job seriously.

Find your Mentor

Everyone needs a mentor, they help you reach your goal easily and in the right way.

Think of you being a coder and you get to have a daily conversation with “Sundar Pichai

Many projects may require equipment used previously by a proportion of the staff. Enlist them as trainers to help you speed up new equipment for the rest of the floor.

Set metrics for how quickly and effectively you want to connect to new systems and recompense those who meet (or better still exceed) goals.

You can simply ask for help, I personally always prefer asking for help than struggling for something. Don’t be shy! don’t let your ego manipulate you.

Try being a brand and not a product

What we mean by this is don’t focus on being an employee of a company rather try developing something that will make you the chief of the brand. This ain’t simple but you should always give it a try!

What’s the drawback? You’ll learn more.

If you love cars and planning to get a “Rolls Royce” in the future why you never thought of building a car like that? That’s the mindset in India. We don’t think of building something we rather think of working for someone. Change that!

Let us know was the article encouraging and helped you in the current crisis. Share love by sharing the article!

The Actual Meaning of Atmanirbhar Bharat

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