Steps to send/receive money on WhatsApp

    Steps to send/receive money on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has made it much easier to send and receive money through WhatsApp Payment. Follow this guide to transfer money on WhatsApp.

    It’s best to limit physical contact during the lockdown period, even while making payments to get essentials. Online payment applications and mobile wallets made it easy without making physical contact to send and receive money.

    WhatsApp Payments uses UPI-based methods of payment through which your UPI connected bank accounts send and receive money. WhatsApp Payments option is now available in limited numbers for Android as well as for iOS users. The UPI method is used and the WhatsApp payments feature is sponsored by some of India’s largest banks, including ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and State Bank.

    The payment feature was created by WhatsApp in partnership with the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) through the UPI, an Indian-first, a real-time payment system which enables transactions with more than 160 funded banks.

    “We are pleased to participate in India’s digital payment initiative to boost the ease of use, helping to broaden financial integration in India,” added WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp payment option

    How to set-up WhatsApp Payments

    • Go to WhatsApp Settings and tap on the Payments option.
    • In the Bank Accounts header, select Add New Account option.
    • Now tap on Accept and proceed after all terms and conditions have been read.
    • Choose the Verify option using SMS and follow any instructions you need to send an SMS to start the UPI connection process.
    • On the following tab, select the bank account you want to add to the WhatsApp payments feature.
    • If your account (or several accounts) has been associated with the registered WhatsApp number from which you just sent the SMS, the ‘UPI Setup Complete’ text would then appear on your screen.

    Steps to send money on WhatsApp

    1. Head over to the chat with the person to whom money is to be sent.

    2. Using the attachments option, click on ‘Payment’ option.

    3. Place the amount of money and press Next to send. A note can be added here as well.

    4. Enter your UPI PIN and send the amount. Follow the instructions to create a UPI PIN, if you do not have one.

    Steps to receive money on WhatsApp

    1. Tap on Request, if you are requesting money. You must approve your request from the other person.

    2. When someone sends you money, WhatsApp will send you a message. Also, to confirm receipt, you can search your bank account.

    Steps to send/receive money on WhatsApp

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