Fantasy Premier League: How To Check FPL Bonus Points?

Fantasy Premier League: How To Check FPL Bonus Points?

Fantasy managers will see which players will be compensated if they look at live scores as they are updated.

Bonus points can be essential to help managers at the Fantasy Premier League upward or head-to-head.

Usually, these points are confirmed roughly an hour after the final match is over. However, you should not have to wait until then for the results to compensate you or your opponents.

Managers will monitor how players are being ranked in the bonus points system (BPS) during the game to see if their target holder sets saving points.

Tap on the “Fixtures” tab in Fantasy to do so on the desktop and pick the right match.

Pick your match again in the app in “Fixtures and Results” in the Fantasy section.

Bonus points navigation

The details below shows how the players participating do in the BPS. The outcomes are shown.

This will show how bonus points are expected to be earned, but managers must wait for clarification before performance is celebrated.

At the completion of each game three extra fantasy points will be awarded to the top BPS team, while both the second and third teams will earn two and one.

Fantasy Premier League: How To Check FPL Bonus Points?

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