Shortness of breath: Causes, Treatment & 5 Home remedies

Shortness of breath: Causes, Treatment & 5 Home remedies

Dyspnea or breath loss is a distressing and painful experience. We have all experienced it on various occurrences, such as after 4-5 staircase climbing or when it is cold due to mucus in the lungs.

Respiratory failure or shortness of breath may arise for several reasons. It may be temporary or caused by some serious illness. Sometimes breathlessness can be managed easily at home, but if that happens with you every two days, it is better to check with your doctor.

What is Dyspnea?

You can’t get enough respiration or oxygen in your lungs if you have shortness of breath. It may be called dyspnea by your doctor. It may be a warning sign of an imminent health issue.

Shortness of breath: Causes, Treatment & 5 Home remedies

You breathe in and out twenty times a minute while you’re a balanced adult. This is almost thirty thousand breaths a day. A hard training or common cold may often get a kink in this pattern, but you should hardly feel breathless.

Call emergency if you just started having breath shortness. If you have another health problem and fever or cough, you will have more risk of becoming severely sick and you may have a new coronavirus COVID-19.

Dyspnea Symptoms

When you have dyspnea, you might feel:

  • Out of breath
  • Tightness in your chest
  • Hungry for air (you might hear this called air hunger)
  • Unable to breathe deeply
  • Like you can’t breathe (suffocation)

The patient is either aggressive (sudden dyspnea) or chronic (long-term dyspnea). A few minutes or hours later, acute dyspnea begins. Other symptoms such as fever, rash or cough may occur. Chronic dyspnea can make daily activities, like hiking or standing up, feel alive.

Often in certain body positions shortness of breath is better or worse. For example, lying flat in people with certain types of heart and lungs can cause shortness of breath. Monitoring your symptoms will assist your doctor in figuring out what’s wrong and recommending the right treatment.

Dyspnea Causes

Many conditions can cause shortness of breath. The most common causes of short-term dyspnea are:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Asthma
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Heart attacks
  • A blood clot in your lungs, known as pulmonary embolism
  • Broken ribs
  • A collapsed lung
  • Excess fluid around your heart
  • Choking 
  • Heart failure
  • A low red blood cell count also called anaemia
  • Pneumonia and other respiratory infections
  • Pregnancy
  • Sudden blood loss
  • A severe allergic reaction is known as anaphylaxis.

Here are some simple home therapies to relieve breathability:

Home remedies

​1. Black coffee

Coffee contains caffeine that can relieve stress in the airway muscles. For people with Asthma, this remedy has proven to be very successful. Schwarze’s coffee can help you overcome breathlessness by enhancing the lung function. But stop it if it isn’t right for you.

Black coffee

2. Pursed-lip breathing

This is an effective way of managing respiratory shortness. It helps to slow your breathing rate quickly, which makes your breathing deeper and more efficient.

Pursed-lip breathing

It also helps to expel air from the lungs that are trapped. It can be used at all times, especially during the difficult part of an operation such as bending, lifting objects, or climbing stairs.

To carry out breathing with pursed-lip:

  • Relax the muscles in the neck and your shoulder.
  • Breathe slowly through your nose and hold your mouth closed for two reasons.
  • As if you were about to whistle, purse your mouth.
  • Via your pursed lips respire slowly and softly to the number of four.

3. Consumption of Ginger

You may also calm down with fresh ginger or ginger tea. Breathlessness caused by respiratory infection may be minimised by ginger. The popular herb has anti-inflammatory effects which can minimise pulmonary inflammation.

 Consumption of Ginger

4. Taking steam

It could be due to mucus formation in the lungs, if you find it difficult to breathe if you suffer from cold. Inhale the vapour to clear the air passage and break the mucus.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is an incredibly powerful giant! Haldi doodh was everyone – perfectly delicious and very nutritious! Adding a dash of sugar can make a comfortable and tasty Haldi doodh! Filled with curcumin oodles, turmeric is an important anti-inflammatory agent for the active theory.


It is also a good antiseptic and anti-microbial. The spice offers potential help with allergy, as curcumin helps avoid allergic answers and histamine release. The release of COX-2 prostaglandins involved in inflammation can be prevented.

It can also help control respiratory shortness associated with lung infections. Curcumin is strong enough in the asthmatic sector to reduce the level of attack and even avoid episodes.

Full Haldi Doodh and add the golden spice to all your curries and gravel! Scientifically prepared and hygienically packaged Tata Sampann Turmeric Powder to maintain its natural health.

6. Eucalyptus oil

The ideal shortage of breathing at home is this vital oil. It’s a natural way to reduce your depression a little! The oil is packed with cineole and eucalyptol, which contribute to the pure, sharp and invigorating flavours of the oil and also to the robust medicinal value of the oil.

Eucalyptus oil has good bacterial, antiviral, and anti-viral characteristics. In a bowl of boiling water, add 10 drops of eucalyptus oil and inhale the steam.

Vapours also lead to easier respiration and alleviate anxiety. It helps prevent muscle spasms that block airways and make breathing easier, thus. The oil is also mild sputum which helps to drain from congested sinuses.

Clinical studies indicate who asthmatics who obtained essential oil with eucalyptus have decreased their dose of steroid medications, but you can consult and monitor your condition with your healthcare provider.

Shortness of breath: Causes, Treatment & 5 Home remedies

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