RwandAir tracking coronavirus strain spread in the UK

RwandAir tracking coronavirus strain spread in the UK

In the United Kingdom, a new strain of Covid-19 pandemic caused several airline firms to cancel their flight into the world and countries to enforce trip interdictions, says the national carrier RwandAir.

Britain is witnessing a quickly spreading new form of Covid-19.

RwandAir tracking coronavirus strain spread in the UK

According to experts, the virus can be 40%-70% more transmissible than other variants.

Britain has alerted the WHO to the new version and officials are anxious to restrict its distribution.

By 21 December 2010, flights from Britain had been banned from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, and Italy. It was expected that other countries would follow suit.

Other countries worldwide, including Israel, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, followed by Colombia and Morocco as well as by Chile, Finland, and Argentina.

RwandAir CEO Yvonne Makolo said in The New Times that, as a result of tracking the situation, the airline still had not made any decision to stop flights into London.

“The current situation is monitored and we consult the stakeholders concerned,” she said.

RwandAir is flying to London’s Heathrow Airport on frequent passenger flights.

A new Covi-19 loop in the UK may compel the airline to stop flight operations following months of suspension in August because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

Lockdown rules in the UK have been tightened after a new strain of the coronavirus was discovered in the UK and a growing number of corona patients. Against this backdrop, India has now decided to temporarily suspend UK-India flights. 

The flight was canceled from 11.59 pm on December 22 and the decision is currently being implemented till 11:59 pm on December 31. Passengers arriving and departing in India are required to undergo an RT PCR test at the respective airport by December 22.

Today, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, former Maharashtra Chief Minister, and current Mahavikas Aghadi leader Prithviraj Chavan also demanded that the Center take a decision on the closure of UK-India flights. Meanwhile, the Union Health Minister informed that the government is on alert against the changing face of this coronavirus. It was given by Harshvardhan. At the time, he said there was no need to worry or panic.

Earlier, some European countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Israel, Kuwait and Turkey had stopped the flow of traffic from the UK. Tourists have also been temporarily banned. At present, Christmas is just a few days away. It is feared that the new virus could spread rapidly as the holiday season begins. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on citizens to take care.

RwandAir tracking coronavirus strain spread in the UK

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