Right Way To Eat Fruits: Before Meal Or After?

Eating fruit before a meal or after a meal: when will you prefer fruit? Do you prefer them as breakfast, along with a meal, or as a snack after a meal? A nutritionist tells you what your best range can be.

Loss of weight: The perfect time to eat fruit… Well, there can never be just one correct reply, right? This is simply because the diet and eating habits of people are different. Everyone’s time to eat fruit – either first in the morning or after a meal – is different from anyone else – who would be happy to eat fruit along with a meal. But if you are thinking about weight loss or some other health target or diabetes, you have to remember while consuming fruit.
What’s the best time for fruit to eat?

Pooja Makhija, a celebrated nutritionist, recently went to Instagram to talk about some unique reasons why you shouldn’t eat fruit as a snack or just after a meal.

Time to fruit up blog - Right Way To Eat Fruits: Before Meal Or After?

Makhija talks about why it is not prudent to have fruit with a meal, “Fruits have volatile nutrition. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are lost when they are waiting to be digested with the protein, carbs, and fats of the main meal.”

Thus, even though you get your main meal in a tiny bowl of fruit, it will add more calories to your meal and you won’t even get the nutrients you are probably looking for.

Also, eating fruit as a snack after your meal might not be a good idea. “It will only be like only adding on to the calorie pool of the already big meal you have eaten. Anything that the body cannot use is stored as fat in the body,” the Mumbai-based nutritionist says in the video.

What’s the right time to eat fruit?

As a separate standalone snack, the perfect time to eat fruit. It will provide you with a dash of fiber and antioxidants to satisfy your hunger crunch, but it won’t ruin your appetite for the main food.

It’s also safe to have fruits first, or as your first meal of the day. It will help you start the day in the right tone and help to enhance digestion.

Overall, it is important to note that fruit is an important part of a safe, balanced diet. However, you need to eat them in the right pattern, as explained above, to reap the full benefits. Make sure you still have local and seasonal fruit, which will make your diet more varied and boost intestinal flora.

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