Research finds Honey to be the best cure for cold

    Research finds Honey to be the best cure for cold

    Researchers have been concerned that excessive use of antibiotics and the emergence of bacteria-resistant medicines should be tested for honey, according to new reviews published by Oxford doctors in BMJ Evidence-Based Medication, first in treating upper-respiratory-tract infections (URTIs).

    URTIs usually include sore throat, cough and stuffy nose.

    In order to analyze the effectiveness of honey in URTIs, the researchers examined 14 different studies and 1,761 study participants. We found that the anti-microbial properties of honey allowed it to surpass the quality of treatment when dealing with symptoms and that the severity of the cough.

    Research finds Honey to be the best cure for cold

    Two of the studies showed that honey reduced one to two days of infection.

    The authors wrote in the study, “It provides a widely-used and affordable alternative to antibiotics. “Honey may help to slow antimicrobial resistance spread.”

    For thousands of years, honey healing has been used. Sky News reports that Honey is used to heal burns and prevent wound infection.

    While honey has a strong tradition as a home remedy, it is also adopted by medical professionals: it is now standard in the child’s chest colds therapy. However, up until now, honey has not thoroughly examined its effectiveness in treating adults with URTI, reported the Guardian.

    The researchers have found that overuse of antibiotics for the treatment of URTIs frequently results from doctors prescribing them for maltreatment of viral infections that do not respond to antibiotics.

    The Evening Standard reports that the sweetness of most people is cheap, easy to find and without any side effects.

    The writers of the study, Hibatullah Abuelgasim from the Oxford Medical University School and Charlotte Albury and Joseph Lee, from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health, wrote: ‘High respiratory tract infections are the most common cause for antibiotic prescriptions.’

    “The prescribing of antibiotics is unnecessary as well as unacceptable because most UR TIs are viral”.

    However, researchers also said that more studies need to be conducted on honey since it’s a complex substance.

    Research finds Honey to be the best cure for cold

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