Reach Goal With A Virtual Accountability Partner

    Reach Goal With A Virtual Accountability Partner

    During the chillier months, your workout routine is easy to sidetrack. Maybe it’s a little too cold to go to the gym (if even open) or log on your usual miles in the morning. When it comes to remaining in a fitness room, you can find an on-demand class that you enjoy as another major thing: a virtual accounting partner.

    “If you go to your own motivation and discipline for nutrition and fitness alone, it may be extra hard,” says John Fawkes, a licensed NSCA personal trainer. “You add an additional psychological barrier. This is also where a responsibility partner steps up and takes one thing off your shoulders.”

    Reach Goal With A Virtual Accountability Partner

    The research reported in Nature Communications suggests that workout patterns may be infectious — not just in person but even by social media. In 5 years, researchers studied the everyday activity patterns of more than 1 million individuals and found that people would run more and more if they saw their friends do so.

    In order to profit from an accountability partner — who will help to drive you harder and keep it fun — follow these accepted expert strategies:

    Reach out to friends & family

    Evidence indicates that communicating with friends and family about your health and fitness goals helps you reach them more easily. “Now is the perfect time to reach new objectives with friends, irrespective of the city in which they live, since everybody logs into,” says Lindsay Bennett, a professional trainer.

    She recommends that you build an “accountability pod” of 3-4 friends. “Find a common interest, such as specific at-home training, and commit yourself to change tips and tricks to make the experience easier over time.” You can also arrange daily checks and rewards to take certain achievements in order to keep one another inspired.

    Sync your Tech

    You want to make sure that all the parties involved are comfortable with the communication tool, whether you are using Zoom over your laptop, hopping on FaceTime or Skype over your phone, or using an in-app communication process via your fitness app.

    You need to take a realistic decision to test what works to ensure that any tech failures are minimized in advance. If anything else fails, you can always jump on the phone as a smart contingency plan while walking.

    Engage with Motivated People

    Be sure to take part in daily dialogs, whether you have enrolled your IRL friends or linked to the Fitness group. “Share your story and your wins so that others know who you are,” suggests a licensed personal trainer Tami Smith. “The discussions will inevitably start as you get in touch with the community more and more. You will develop more personal relationships from there and find a few partners to go forward.”

    Balance your Goals

    Daily sweating dates are a matter of no-brainer, but you can also rely on your responsible partner to work towards other health objectives. Improve your diet, for example, by following your food in the MyFitnessPal app and reading through your log with your partner.

    Discuss the patterns you and your partner spot. Set up other times to share tips for changing your sleeping habits or self-care activities. Please note that from the compulsory point of view these dates should be as important as a job meeting or a family dinner.

    Be Honest

    If your purpose is weight loss or muscle building, it is important to note consistency beats perfection and improvement is not linear. Your spouse will not only enjoy the successes but will also serve as a benchmark when you face setbacks. That’s why it is important that you are someone with whom you feel free, to be honest.

    “They are there with an accounting partner to check on you and to keep you to your goals,” says Bennett. It is nice if they call you to do some workouts — note, they want you to succeed.

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    A Bioinformatics Masters degree from the G.N Khalsa Science and Commerce College (Mumbai). Blogger by choice and an enthusiastic person with a technical background and passion.

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