Pros and Cons of Final Year Exams after Lockdown

Pros and Cons of Final Year Exams after Lockdown

It has been 48 days now since the Prime Minister of India declared a nationwide lockdown due to the vexing ongoing pandemic that has affected 67,259 Indians till now taking away 2212 lives.

The worldwide scenario is not looking bright either with more than 4.1 million confirmed cases and 2,83,880 deaths.  

With India amid lockdown 3.0, the UGC (University Grants Commission) which is a statutory body set up by the Government of India in accordance to the UGC Act 1956 under Ministry of Human Resource Development, and is charged with coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of higher education, conducted meetings with its core members and came out with a decision to conduct exams of Final Year students in every field in the month of July (from 1st to 31st ) and declare results till August 15th 2020.

In an atmosphere of dubiety, Uday Samant, Maharashtra’s minister for higher and technical education, in a Facebook live session held on Friday afternoon clarified the state’s decision saying “All university students, except those in the final year of their graduation course, will be promoted to the next academic year by respective universities.

The fear of this disease has been instilled in the minds of everyone including students who are afraid to give offline exams in colleges as that would require using public transport (which they deem unsafe) to reach the centres. That is if, at all, all means of public transports will be accessible.

Moreover, there are also many students who travelled back to their native homes, away from their universities before lockdown. These students might not be able to return back in time. Not to mention that July has been recorded as a month of moderate to heavy rainfall especially in Maharashtra which would make it difficult both in terms of travelling as well as controlling the spread of corona (research shows faster spread rate in regions with relatively high humidity).

According to online surveys conducted, final year students firmly believe that they will be at a significant disadvantage for admission to universities for higher education or job placements due to this delay.

Factually speaking on the other hand there are some students who second this decision as they believe they will know where they stand academically and also give them enough justice, given how hard they have worked all year to push their grades up.

The major reason for conducting final year exams is to determine whether the students are creditable in their respective fields which might otherwise create obstacles to procure a decent job.

Imperial College London put 280 sixth-year medicine undergraduates through two unsupervised online exams from home in late March, which the university believes is a world first.

This method could prove a very efficient way to sort the muddle but that’s only after keeping in mind a country’s resources.

The authorities have also said if in case lockdown due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation is extended beyond June 30, the state government will once again hold a meeting between June 20 and 25 to confirm their next decision on the status of final year examinations.

Weighing in the options available under the given circumstances, it is tough to affirm to any statements. We can only hope the UGC and the State government will release the final verdict after taking into account the state of affairs.

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