PM to chair Council of Ministers meeting Today

PM to chair Council of Ministers meeting Today

As well as increased numbers of cases of COVID cases and a shortage of medical services, PM Modi has called a meeting of his full Council of Ministers on Friday, as the number of deaths has fallen due to disease is on the rise.

A scarcity of resources combined with a lack of medical care was already evident in many areas of the second wave of outbreaks. Sources said the crisis meeting would be conducted by videoconferencing.

The meeting will occur in the wake of the second COVID pandemic.

Additionally, they say during the conference, which is open to all who are in the 18-45 age group, vaccinations should be included.

At a conference, Ministers might have an opportunity to meet with stakeholders and talk to people to those who feel disenfranchised, the authors of the article said.

The prime minister has met with the state leaders and cabinet ministers to discuss the COVID-19 situation several times.

But he has spoken with drug companies, military officials, oxygen dealers, oxygen wholesalers, and other distinguished individuals about how to deal with the threat of the COVID epidemic as well.

PM to chair Council of Ministers meeting Today

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