Phase 3 vaccination today begins covering all 45+ age groups as the figures of the India Covid grow

Phase 3 vaccination today begins covering all 45+ age groups as the figures of the India Covid grow

Today is Step 3 of the Covid-19 Indian vaccination campaign. During this point, the emphasis will be on those over 45 years of age. The vaccine is free of charge in government hospitals and in private clinics for up to Rs 250/dose.

India will be launching Phase 3 of its national vaccination drive Covid-19 from Thursday (today) when every day the country breaks records in daily counts Covid-19.

The government aims to protect all citizens older than 45 years under phase 3 of the vaccination drive.

On 16 January, the national vaccination route Covid-19 began. In the first step, Covid-19 and other key primary staff were included in the occupation.

In phase 2 that began on 1 March, anyone aged 60 and older with co-morbidity was eligible to be vaccinated in the age group of 45-59 years.

In government hospitals and health centers, the Covid-19 vaccine shots were offered free of charge while shootings in private centers were paid up to Rs 250 per dose.

Even during today’s third process, the price of Covid-19 vaccine will remain the same.

10 points of Phase 3 vaccination and India’s Covid-19 numbers

1) In the case of Covid-19 daily India is currently experiencing a steady rise. The flood began in mid-February. Although overall cases in India are the, in all states or regions the Union Ministry of Health states that they are not rising uniformly. As in the past, these cases are concentrated in a few states but represent a danger to the entire nation.

2) Eight states account for 84,73 percent of all new cases of Covid-19 in the world, according to the information given by the Center on Wednesday. The following states are Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Punjab, and Madhya Pradesh. The following countries are:

3) Maharashtra is the country’s most hit state and has more than 3 Covid-19 cases active lakh. During the last week, over 30,000 new cases were registered each day by the state. The Center said that, in February, the state’s total number of cases per day was 3,000. Eight of the top 10 districts with the largest number of active cases also account for Maharashtra.

4), 53,480 new Covid 19 cases and 354 Covid related deaths were registered on Wednesday in India. Of those, Maharashtra alone had caused 39,544 cases and 227 deaths.

5) In addition to Maharashtra, Punjab has recently become another hotspot in Covid-19. In new Covid-19 cases, it recorded a rise of nearly 21% on weekdays and of approximately 2,740 daily averages over the last 7 days. The Union’s Ministry of Health said that at the same time the State also witnessed a rise of 30 percent week-over-week of new deaths due to Covid and reports about 53 average daily deaths.

6) On Wednesday, the Center demanded the successful implementation of the Covid 19 pandemic trial-treatment plan, after a high-level meeting, in Punjab and Chandigarh. They claim the state needs to step up monitoring until the positivity rate is below 5% in districts reporting a high number of incidents and ensure priority vaccination by qualified demographic groups.

7) The country begins phase 3 of its national vaccination drive Covid-19 from today in this context. The Union Home Ministry has indicated that India administered the Covid-19 vaccine at 6.43 crore doses by 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

8) These include 82,47,288 first dose healthcare workers (HCWs) and 52,38,705 second dose HCWs, 91,34,627 first dose workers (FDOC), 39,23,172 second dose FLWs. The second dose was taken from FLWs (HCWs).

In addition, the first and second doses were given to 3,00,39,599 and 86,869 recipients aged over 60 years, while the first and second doses were taken by 76,74,934 and 13,571 individuals ages 45 to 59 years old, each with particular comorbidity.

9) Union Secretary of Health Rajesh Bhushan held a meeting with the countries in advance of Phase 3 vaccination to discuss their arrangements on Wednesday. The Center told the states that Covid-19 vaccines do not run out in the countries and that the supply of Covid-19 vaccines is “continuously refilled.”

10) The Centre also requested countries and UTs, compared to the current national vaccine wastage figure of 6 percent, to reduce their waste by less than 1 percent. Furthermore, in districts that have seen a recent increase in Covid-19 outbreaks, the center has called for States to recognize low vaccine coverage pockets.

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