Only research will address correctly the root of coronavirus

    Only research will address correctly the root of coronavirus, Research into the origins of COVID-19 is fair to say that it is a long and time-consuming operation, and scientists need enough time to reach the last answer.

    Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization (WHO), delivered this alert in an April 20 in Geneva news conference, noting that the latest pandemic was triggered by a lack of international cooperation.

    Only research will address correctly the root of coronavirus

    He pointed out that without national unity and global solidarity, the worst always “ahead before us.” “Don’t use this virus as an excuse to fight against each other or get political points. it’s risky. It’s like playing with fire.”

    Specific viruses have also lurked in human history. Even if the standard of human science and technology continuously increases, in the face of viruses we still remain powerless. This time the COVID-19 outbreak turns out to be a vicious enemy. In a century, the transmission of disease with so wide and profound effects is very rare. It is very rare.

    Where does the virus come from today? What has been the evolution? Everybody needs the answers to learn. Whilst we can’t have them early, I think the world will come to the facts.

    Let the experts do their job. Scientists will always solve scientific problems. It’s a sense of the rules. The White House’s Science and Technologie Policy Office has already sent a note, demanding that the facts be reviewed and the expert advice be sought by the National Academies for Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) as of Feb.

    Yet unusual things occurred, as it is difficult for people who claim to be unconscious because the source of studies has been politicized.

    The worldwide group of scientists who can’t be passed on to anyone is responsible for discovering the origins of the coronavirus. Nonetheless, scientists are not all-powerful, since work tracing viruses isn’t an exact science with results overnight.

    The American Academy of Microbiology fellow and Virologist at the University of Maryland, Dr. Richard Y Zhao, noted that work on the virus origins is a scientific task full of considerable uncertainty.

    Researchers will carry out an epidemiological study, genetic analysis, screening and identification of host (intermediate and natural host), field sampling, an inquiry into homology for insulated virus strains and final analyzes, and identification of bioinformatics. We can only trace the source of the virus after all of these steps have been completed.

    Therefore, it is safe to say that research into the origin of viruses is a long and lengthy process and that scientists must have enough time to do their job. There are currently many scientists around the world conducting science on this virus, and trace work in its origins is, of course, a vital mission. However, work remains in its early stages. Before we get some answers, we still have a long way to go.

    According to findings by six researchers, including Kristian Andersen, an associate professor of immunology and microbiology at Scripps Research, Robert F. Garry, University of Tulane, Edward Holmes of Sydney University, Andrew Rambaut, University of Edinburgh, and the recorded Virus Hu Hu. A significant research achievement has recently been updated: COVID-19 is the product of natural growth. Columbia University’s Ian Lipkin.

    They were released in the Nature Medicine journal on 17 March. No proof was found to be made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered for the study of public genome sequence data from viruses and associated species.

    If the global pandemic deteriorates, it is important that scientifically and unequivocally steps are taken to avoid and monitor the virus. The use of the virus and pandemic as political weapons not only does not help to deter and monitor but can also lead to reverse explosions, leading to worse results.

    That is why a vast number of scientists around the world called for a rational solution to the pandemic, the advancement of scientific evidence, and international cooperation. In the circumstances where it has seriously affected many ordinary scientific research activities around the world, cooperation between countries, especially among scientific people, is even more important.

    As NASEM’s response to the request of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy says it is more important than ever to establish international scientific cooperation on the topics of study and on global problems such as the current outbreak.

    Only research will address correctly the root of coronavirus – Follow us for the latest news trends across the globe.

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