NUIG exam timetable 2020?

    NUIG exam timetable 2020?

    Examination Dates and Timetable

    As advised by Prof Ciarán Ó hÓgartaigh, NUI Galway President on 23rd March, all face-to-face end of year exams have been canceled at NUI Galway in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and will be replaced through alternative assessments.

    Important Dates

    • The Semester 1 examination session runs from January 11th to January 22nd, 2021.
    • The Semester 1 Timetable release date is December 3rd @ 12pm.
    • Other Semester Dates for 2020-21 can be found here.

    Examinations Online

    1. If a module is examined by a chronological evaluation, the online examination is scheduled for the date and time specified in your personal examination schedule. This time should be noted. Please.
    2. Online test start times are 09:30, 13:00, and 16:30 (Monday – Fri.) Examination time
    3. The length of the exam will remain 120 minutes with up to 30 more minutes to make it easier to upload the evaluation.
    4. In cases where you have been suggested accommodation for the exam by the Disability Support Service, please contact the appropriate staff in the relevant discipline to request the establishment of all required examination accommodation for scheduled autumn examinations.
    5. The corresponding module Coordinator shall communicate to students through a Blackboard any change in the date and time for online exams or assessment methods following the publication of the updated schedule release. The revised personal online exam timetable will remain static and students are advised to login to Blackboard for details of the alternative mode(s) of assessment for their modules.
    6. Further queries about the mode of assessment should be directed to the relevant module co-ordinator via Blackboard, Module Leader details are also available here for your information.


    All students of NUI Galway are required, by signing a disclaimer statement at the start of each online test, to certify that they comply with the regulations in online assessments. NUI Galway reserves the right to follow up an interview with a student if the completeness of the review process is concerned.

    The Examinations Office has attempted, at that time, to reschedule all exams with the details provided by the Colleges and Schools. If such modifications are appropriate, you will be required to consult your Blackboard account with the most recent information if such alternative arrangements are subject to change.

    For the entire length of the examination session, students should be present for examinations.

    Test Information Slides Some valuable information on tests (Leagan Gaeilge)

    • Check the Website of amendments periodically, as exam dates/times can alter before the day of your test.
    • When your tests are finished, it is your duty to remember. Schedule updates will be accessible only online; your personal schedule will not be changed.
    • View a fast analysis advisory video (below).
    • Should your schedule be wrong or if you have no calendar, please visit the Helpdesk of the Student Registry in Uí − Chathail online before going to the Help desk (Ground Floor).

    Please refer to the Academic Calendar for further review dates.


    Where modules are examined by means of a formal examination paper administered by the University’s Examinations Office and time-tabled centrally, the exam is a standard two hours duration.

    The only exceptions are those approved by the Academic Regulations Committee as follows:

    Module CodeModule DescriptionExam DurationExamination PeriodDate Approved
    MA310Actuarial Mathematics I Paper 1 – Written180 minutesSemester 2 / Autumn2012-2013
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